The ‘00s Trend You Can Create at Home During Quarantine

Frank Micelotta Archive/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Feeling sufficiently shut-in during the coronavirus pandemic? Looking for an activity that doesn’t involve a puzzle, forced family time, or a Zoom video conference? How about one that makes you feel just a little more sparkly every time you look at your hands…or look in the mirror at all? Which is, to be honest, a lot these days. Well, thank Swarovski for curing your boredom and inspiring your newfound arts-and-crafts hobby. The famed brand is adding a little more creativity to your daily routine with the new Swarovski DIY kit.

It lets you bling out any surface you choose, a lá the '00s, including your nails, your white bandana, your beloved Juicy Couture sweatsuit, your catsuit for your Superbowl performance, whatever you choose. It's Instagram gold to be sure as everyone's always looking for some bling and '00s nostalgia. And if you're really social media savvy, you can document the whole process on IG stories, gluing sparkles onto T-shirts, denim pockets, and headbands with such fervor it would make '00s JLo proud. Each kit is available at Michaels and retails for $10.

If you're lost on what to embellish, being that razor phones are a thing of the past, start with the selection below. From activewear to socks to flip flops, you’ll be living your best early-aughts life in no time. Bonus points if you listen to old Britney Spears songs while bedazzling away.