This Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Is So Sparkly, It Will Probably Break Your KiraKira App

If you like your eyeshadow palettes to shimmer and shine brighter than a disco ball, then hold onto your seat because Make Up For Ever's Star Lit Glitter Palette is going to deliver. When you open the palette you get hit with a bursting light of glitter so strong you'll want to reach over for a pair of sunglasses. It took that "Star Lit" name very seriously — no false advertising here, folks.

Part of the brand's Star Lit collection, this new palette is joining products already in the line, like the "Star Lit Powder," which is a loose, shimmering pigment powder that could be used to highlight eyes, lips, and cheeks. But veering away from the loose pigment idea, this palette instead brings you packed shadows. And they're drool-worthy.

The Instagram beauty account Trendmood1 broke the news first, annoucing the brand is dropping the palette at Sephora and Make Up For Ever on Feb. 8, but shoppers can access it Feb. 7 via the Sephora app.

The nebulous-looking palette is limited edition and holds six prismatic, high-impact shades that look like they're embedded across a Milky Way background. The formula is meant to be smooth and creamy, using finely milled glitter to prevent annoying fall-out that could ruin your makeup look. But while the palette photos look pretty, the swatches are what are going to make you fan yourself. You would not have guessed that the shimmer payoff was that intense just glancing at the shadow pans.

I suggest you grab those protective glasses you used for last year's eclipse, because these bad boys are intense. Make Up For Ever's Instagram released swatches using three different skin tones, and the way that they shimmered made it look like your KiraKira app was on.

Look. At. That. Shimmer. Now that we have a visual representation of the palette, we can break down the colors we are seeing. The first eyeshadow found in the palette is "Reflection," an ivory-based color with pink glitter infused in it. The second is dubbed "Prism," and it's a light cranberry pigment with teal glitter to contrast. Next up is "Spark," a champagne shade with gold glitter, and after that is "Flame," your bronze option with gold glitter. Then there is "Flicker," which makes you think of a warm highlighter color, coming in a terracotta hue infused with pink glitter, and finally there is "Beam" which is a mauve pigment contrasted with blue and purple glitter.

To give you an idea how it looks like on the eye, here is a combination of the shadows in action, throwing off their glitter reflections.

Fans all agree that they need this in their life ASAP and can't wait to glitter-bomb their makeup looks. Comments flooded underneath the posts detailing their excitement. One follower wrote, "Oh my gosh I definitely need this in my life!! ." Another user simply wrote, "SHIIIIIIT."

Some people, though, were a little apprehensive. It wasn't because of the colors available or because of the quality of the product — it was because of the price. Clocking in at $45 it's a pricier palette, but most quality palettes hover around that price point, so that's nothing new. The thing that's throwing off makeup lovers is that for $45, you only get six colors. That makes it $7.50 per eyeshadow shade.

"These are gorgeous but $45/6 shadows? I dunno," one commenter wrote, voicing their concern.

Another follower noticed that the pans didn't hold as much product as they used to either, making the palette feel even pricier. "1.1g? Per shadow? That’s less than their 'new' square pan eyeshadows which has 2.5g," one person commented.

In the end, it's up to you and your bank account if you think it's worth investing it. Regardless, the swatches do show an intense shimmer.