The New Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Might Just Make Up For All The Subculture Drama

If you thought all of the controversy surrounding the Subculture Palette was going to keep Anastasia Beverly Hills from launching another shadow set, think again. Clearly, their beauty lab never cooled off, because Anastasia Beverly Hills PRISM Palette swatches are already here, and the color family is on fire.

If there's one thing that always gets beauty lovers riled up, it's Anastasia Beverly Hills swatch reveals — cue the house music, fast-paced close-ups, and intense gazes. The brand sure knows how to stir the pot every single time a newbie is added to their collection, and the PRISM reveal was no exception. All it took was one shot of the soon-to-be released palette to shake fans to the core. It's practically Subculture with a glitzy twist, featuring similar peachy hues, rich neutrals, and bold cool tones— most of which, now have a high-impact shimmer rather than a matte formula.

Only when it finally releases will fans know if PRISM is truly worth the hype. Luckily, it'll be here in no time, now launching on the ABH website and other online retailers. The palette is launching in stores at Macys, Dillards, Sephora, and Ulta on Oct. 15. Until then, there's always lusting after every drool-worthy swatch of the palette.

There no denying that the PRISM palette will likely be a Fall 2017 hit. It features a great mix of colors, not leaning too much towards being cool or warm. It even includes an even ratio of shimmer and matte shades, unlike its Modern Renaissance and Subculture predecessors that kept the metallics at a minimum.

There's not a single hue that doesn't look absolutely striking. An icy lavender, "Dimension" will likely be a fan favorite, considering unicorn hues are still trending. "Thorne" is the glam, forest green we needed for fall as of yesterday. You can never go wrong with intense neutrals like the rose gold "Sphinx" and gilded "Pyramid". And just when you've had enough of the shimmer, there are beautiful mattes like the dusty mauve "Lure" and coral "Saturn".

As do all things ABH, the shadows look heavenly against various skin tones. Those metallic shades truly pop against deeper complexions, making the palette quite universal. There's not a beauty lover around who's not going to want to hit pan on this baby ASAP.

With such impactful shadows and a geometric based palette name, expect to see some fun swatches of this beauty very soon. Far too glitzy for traditional swatches, these pigments are worth getting creative with on the arms.

If you're contemplating giving PRISM a home in your beauty stash, it'd be wise to act fast though. A member of ABH's holiday 2017 collection, alongside the Blush Kits, Sugar Glow Kit, and Liquid Lipstick Mini set, it probably won't be around for long.

Seeing the palette in action may do some good, if the swatches haven't totally convinced you that PRISM is worth snagging for the season. ABH is already loading their feed with images of the stunner at work, so here's your proof that the color range is truly versatile.

Put simply, it's a do-it-all kind of palette, perfect for the bold, the subtle, the sultry, or even that daytime glow.


Subculture Palette mayhem may have set ABH back just a tad, but PRISM's release is proving the brand is on their road to recovery. If the formulation is up to par, the palette will probably sweeten beauty lovers that were let down by Subculture.

It just may join the ranks of the fan favorite Modern Renaissance Palette, making ABH a brand that knows a thing or two about making a major comeback.