These Tarte & Urban Decay Palettes Might Look The Same But The Swatches Will Make You Question Everything

When it comes to makeup, sometimes different products seem so similar that we don't think we need to buy them all. But a recent Instagram post might prove us all wrong and wreck our wallets. Alicia from U. Glow. Girl Blog recently swatched Tarte and Urban Decay's newest palettes side-by-side to show just how different they truly are. Hang onto your savings account, because you're going to feel tempted to tap into it after this.

A lot of brands roll out the same fall palettes, and the majority of us have been content with treating ourselves to just one, and calling it a season. After all, everyone is in the mood for toasty browns, burnt oranges, and deep plums this time of year. But it turns out these brands work hard to make their shades stand out from the rest.

Urban Decay Naked Heat came out earlier this summer to rave reviews among beauty experts and casual dabblers alike. Ranging from toasty reds to rich browns to sunset pinks, it was the palette to create a smoky eye that smoldered. But once the Tarte Toasted Palette was released a few short months later, many were skeptical if they needed to invest in that one, too. After all, it supplied those same, baked colors.

Or did it?

The swatches show that the palettes are similar, but also show subtle differences in the two sets. While the colors are fall-toned and warm, Heat seems to embrace red tones while Toasted is all about those brown hues.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Collection, $54, Sephora

On the left side, Tarte Toasted was featured, and on the right Urban Decay Naked Heat was swatched. The swatcher paired up like colors next to each other to really show you how they compared and contrasted.

A few were near similar, like the third row that sported a warm mocha color. But the majority of the hues had very obvious differences, even if they were in the same color family. You can easily see how Heat has more of a pigmented punch and has more vibrant hues, whereas Toasted has more subtle shades. That's not to say that Heat is "better." It just offers you a different makeup experience and look.

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, $46, Tarte Cosmetics

While both palettes definitely supply the same "mood," it's clear that they each offer a different experience. For some, one palette will work better with their skin tone. For others, they will be different enough that we can justify buying them both.

And that, my friends, is bad for our bank accounts, but oh-so-good for our makeup collections.