Twitter Is Absolutely Living For Taylor Swift's "Gorgeous" Lyric About Her Cats

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Another day, another meme-ready Taylor Swift song. On Friday, Oct. 20, Swift released her new single "Gorgeous," and the internet had jokes at the ready. Whether you are deeply in love with the new anthem or are already loathing it, these memes & jokes about the cat lyric in Swift's "Gorgeous" are hard not to appreciate. Hey, if nothing else, "Look What You Made Me Do" proved that the new Taylor can laugh at herself, and "Gorgeous" is reminding the internet of this fact with the so-real-it-hurts line about stumbling home to your cats.

In "Gorgeous," Swift sings about longing for a beautiful man with deep blue eyes like the ocean (who could be anyone from Tom Hiddleston to Joe Alwyn, the jury is still out), and when this life ruiner doesn't go home with her, she finds solace with — who else — her beloved cats. Old Taylor would approve, and so does the internet, because honestly, this line is way too relatable for anyone who has ever been turned down by a crush.

Who hasn't had a "guess I'll just stumble home to my cats" moment? Even if you don't have any cats, it's a universal sentiment. And Twitter is having a ball with the meme-ready lyric. Forget trying to figure out who "Gorgeous" is about — the cats have officially stolen that poor dude's thunder. Because gorgeous guys are fleeting, but your cats will always be there to silently judge your life decisions and demand food.

One thing that won't earn you a judgmental glare from your feline companion? That would be laughing at these "Gorgeous" cat memes that are already taking over the interwebs.

Wait, Isn't The Old Taylor Dead?

Because this sounds an awful lot like something the old Taylor would say, new Taylor. And you better believe the internet noticed.

Still, People Are Relating So Hard

There are worse things in life than stumbling home to a fur baby. They're not a guy with baby blues you can drown in, but they're reliably awesome and super cuddly.

And Loving The Excuse To Break Out Taylor & Cat GIFs

If there's one thing you can always count on in this crazy world, it's Swift's love for her cats. Seriously, knowing the new Taylor is still crazy for her kitties makes the world seem a tad bit brighter.

The Line Was A Little Too Real For Some People

Hey, it's OK to drop a truth bomb, but Swift can't expect everyone to be prepared to deal with the painful reality of a lyric that cuts so deep.

Swift Fans Are Living For The Kitty Shout-Out

This is truly a historic moment in Taylor nation. When the cats get mentioned, true fans know it's time to freak out. Because the cats have been there since the beginning.

Others Appreciated The Pure-Memeability Of The Line

Meme, internet, meme like you have never meme'd before. This is the moment you've been training for: cats and Taylor Swift jokes? Your work is being done for you.

Twitter's Trolling Game Was On Point

Sorry, Taylor, but they kind of have a point. This line is both amazing and hilarious. There had to be at least a tiny bit of trolling.

Meanwhile, Everyone Agreed This Was The Song's Best Line

Twas the night of a 1,000 capslock. Look what you made the internet do, Taylor. Just look what you made it do.

Thanks for the cat memes, "Gorgeous." They're exactly what the internet needed. May they live at least nine lives, because nothing makes the world happier than cats and song lyrics designed to make you giggle.