From Plush Velour To Silky Satin, These Are The Comfiest Pajama Pants On Amazon

There's no better way to dial in your lounging-around time or up your sleep game than with a high-quality pair of pajamas. The key, however, is to find a pair that's comfortable — and that can be tricky. Things like tight waistbands, restrictive materials, or fabrics that make you sweat can all hamper your sense of sleepful bliss. To find the most comfortable pajama pants, you need to look for a variety of specific qualities.

First, the material — this is so important. Almost always, the best choice is either cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. There are several reasons for this. Cotton provides breathability and gives that soft, luxurious feeling. Polyester, on the other hand offers great moisture management (which is helpful if you sweat a lot). If you're looking for some extra stretch, too, a little spandex in the mix is all you need.

The other important thing to consider is the fit. It's hard to be comfortable if you're wearing something that's too tight and restrictive or has fabric that bunches and rides up. Features such as elastic waistbands that aren't too tight or adjustable drawstrings will add to the comfort equation. Also, a wide-leg cut or a loose silhouette allow for extra freedom of movement.

Given these factors, here are the most comfortable pajama pants on Amazon.


These Wildly Popular Drawstring Pajamas With More Than 5,000 Reviews

Constructed with a mix of polyester and spandex that's soft, breathable, and stretchy, these women's pajama bottoms rank among the most comfortable on Amazon. The flowy, wide-leg design also has a lot to do with this. These bottoms have an elastic waistband paired with a drawstring to secure them in place. Best of all, they come in more than 30 colors and patterns (including polka dots, floral, and stripes).

  • Available sizes: Small to XXX-Large


These Ultra-Cozy Flannel Pajama Pants That Are Made From 100% Cotton

These enormously popular women's pajamas, which boast more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, are made with super cozy 100% cotton. On top of that, the weave features double-sided brush flannel. The combination results in pajama bottoms that are sensationally soft, plush, and breathable. They have a secure elastic waistband and a drawstring to give them a custom fit. Plus, they're available in over a dozen plaid color combinations.

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


A Pair Of Silky Satin Pants That Only Feel Like A Splurge

If you're in the mood for something silkier, these are some of the best satin pajamas on Amazon. They're constructed with soft polyester and a smooth satin weave, making them flowy and comfortable. They have a thin elastic waistband that makes them fit securely without being too tight, and the legs have elegant piping at the bottom. Even better: these pj's come in an assortment of colors (Champagne, black, pink, white, and more) and your choice of a single or double-pack.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small to XXX-Large


A Cozy Pair Of Sweatpants That Fans Say They Love To Sleep In

For folks who prefer sleeping in sweatpants over traditional pajamas, these comfy Beverly Rock sweats are a fantastic option. The fabric is extremely soft, according to reviewers, and warm, too, making them a great choice for cold nights. Plus, the cotton-polyester blend means they're breathable and moisture-wicking, so if you get sweaty at night, you won't wake up damp. They have convenient pockets on each side and an elastic waistband with a handy drawstring. What's more, the cozy sweats come in 18 color choices.

  • Available sizes: Medium to 4X-Large


These Adorable Pajama Pants That Come In Tons Of Quirky Patterns

These quirky women's pajamas are made from 100% polyester that's warm and comfy, according to reviewers, with a high-waist design and an adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit. Whether you're into big-eyed unicorns with rainbows and donuts or iridescent mermaid scales (pictured above), there's sure to be a fun design here that you'll fall in love with.

  • Available sizes: Small to XX-Large


A Pair Of Thermal Underwear That's Warm, Soft, And Comfortable

Constructed with a silky blend of 60% cotton for breathability and 40% polyester for moisture management, these cozy women's long johns make great pj's. They have a soft waffle-knit texture like thermal underwear, with anti-rub seams that minimize chafing. Additionally, the material adapts to your body temperature to help regulate heat, which is especially great if you tend to get hot and sweaty when you sleep. Available in nine colors and patterns, they're designed with cute cuffs at the bottom of each leg and a stretchy waistband that keeps them in place.

  • Available sizes: Small to XXX-Large


A Pair Of Exceptionally Comfortable Joggers Made With Plush Velour

When it comes to coziness, these plush velour jogger pants are a dream come true for both sleeping and loungewear. Made of 100% polyester, the ultra-soft velour fabric makes these pants comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. They have a simple but effective drawstring to keep them up, combined with strong, sturdy stitching that won't unravel. On top of that, they have cuffs at the ankles for style and comfort. The silky pajamas come in 15 vibrant colors, including fuchsia, blue hike, and navy weave.

  • Available sizes: X-Small to 3X-Large


A Pair Of Super Warm Fleece Pajamas That Are Made For Cold Nights

Whether you live in a cold climate or you just tend to get chilly at night, these super warm women's pajamas are the perfect option to keep toasty. Made from 100% micro-polyester fleece, they're breathable yet also soft to the touch. The material is stretchy and flexible, while the elastic waistband provides a comfortable but secure fit. The cute pattern options include chevron stripes, penguins, owls, winter berries, and jaguar spots. "These are great for cold nights when your blanket just doesn't cut it," one reviewer wrote.

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large


These Capri Yoga Pants That Double As Sleepwear

For people who prefer capris over full-length bottoms, these super soft leggings offer another option that's great to sleep in. The fabric is an extra soft modal blend with a hint of spandex to give them stretch. The resulting flexibility offers stellar comfort that makes them ideal for lounging around. On top of that, they're breathable and moisture-wicking, with a smooth, non-bunchy elastic waistband. And there are a handful of cheerful colors to choose from, too.

  • Available sizes: Small-Medium to 3X-Large


These Comfy Terry Cloth Pajama Shorts Made From A Soft Cotton-Rayon Blend

Whether you live in a warmer climate or you simply prefer shorter sleeping options, these are some of the best pajama shorts you can find. They're made with a silky blend of cotton, rayon, and spandex, for a fabric blend that's smooth and soft while also being lightweight and breathable. They have a comfortable drawstring at the top and a chic, mid-thigh design. The shorts are offered in six solid color choices.

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XX-Large


These Comfortable, Wide-Leg Sleep Pants That Come With A Matching Pleated Top

If you'd rather buy a top and bottoms in one fell swoop, these bamboo pj's are among the best pajama sets out there, with over 1,000 fans on Amazon. They're constructed with a mix of soft bamboo viscose and 25% cotton, making for a fabric that's silky, lightweight, and breathable. The set comes with a pleated short-sleeve top with and flowy drawstring bottoms —all available in 20 color options.

  • Available sizes: X-Small to 3X-Large

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