These Head-Massaging Brushes Will Take Your Shampooing Routine To The Next Level


Not only do shampoo brushes have a lot of benefits (like increasing blood flow to the scalp and preventing long, manicured nails from becoming damaged while shampooing), but they also feel amazing, especially if you often find your head or scalp hurting, whether from wearing a too-tight bun or something else. Curious what all the hype is about? Then read on to shop three of the best shampoo brushes you can buy right now, all of which are, conveniently, available on Amazon.

In a complicated world, these simple tools, which are also sometimes referred to as scalp massagers, are delightfully easy to use. Bring them into the shower with you, wet your hair thoroughly, add shampoo, and use the brush to give your scalp a gentle massage by making small circular motions around your head. Take your time — spending up to five minutes using a scalp massager can be a soothing and relaxing form of self-care.

Below, you’ll find three of the best scalp massager brushes on the market, including a highly-rated under-$10 buy, a shampoo brush with an extra-long handle for easier reach, and an electric scalp-massaging tool that can be used all over the rest of your body, too.


The Overall Best Shampoo Brush

With over 3,800 positive reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating, it's hard to find someone who doesn't love this simple silicone shampoo brush. Fans rave that it's made their hair feel cleaner and softer, in addition to reducing the appearance of dandruff, removing product buildup, and generally making their heads feel fantastic.

"I cannot explain how good this feels! It actually goes down to the roots and makes sure that it gets into all the spots it can to clean your hair. My hair has never felt smoother," commented one customer.


The Best Shampoo Brush With An Extra-Long Handle

The ergonomically-designed scalp massager/shampoo brush is 7 inches long and designed with an easy-to-wield handle, which makes it helpful for people with arm or shoulder pain. Because of the extremely soft elastic bristles, this brush is also a great choice for anyone with a sensitive scalp, or who prefers a very gentle scalp massage. Even customers with sensitive skin and conditions like eczema have reported luck with this gentle scalp massaging brush.

One reviewer wrote, "I purchased this as I have shoulder problems and cannot raise my arm very high. This brush lets me reach all my hair when I shampoo and as an added bonus, the massage feels wonderful."


The Best Electric Shampoo Brush That Can Be Used To Massage Your Body, Too

Unlike the other two picks, this cordless shampoo brush/scalp massager is electric. It's designed with four distinct massage heads that automatically rotate, making it simple to reach all your pressure points and release any stress you're carrying around. Choose from four settings — low or high speed, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation — with a simple press of a button. In addition to feeling wonderful, multiple users report it's even effectively helped treat their headaches. And though this is electric (note: except for the charging base!), it's also fully waterproof, so you can confidentially use it in the shower or tub — though many customers love using it on dry hair, too.

"I use this nightly before I go to bed," commented one reviewer. "It adds that relaxation I need to help me sleep. Not to mention it helps with my headaches. Decreases the length of time a headache lasts."

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