If You're Going To Wax, These At-Home Strips Make It So Much Easier

Gone are the days of trekking to the salon and shelling out cash whenever you want a quick wax. Should you choose to wax — whether your face or body — the at-home method is a super convenient (and affordable!) way to get rid of unwanted hair, as long as you do your research and use only the best at-home wax strips. Otherwise, you could end up with wax strips that don't remove all the hair you want, or worse, cause red, irritated skin.

It's not necessary to spend a lot of money on at-home waxing strips — after all, the reason you're waxing at home is likely because it's quick and inexpensive. But you'll still want to make sure that the wax strips you choose are strong enough to work on coarse hair and made with trusted, natural ingredients, so you don't run the risk of irritating your skin.

Another aspect to consider is where you plan on waxing. Some wax strips are larger and meant to be used on legs, while others are more compact and flexible so they can be used on the face. If you're looking for the easiest option, you may opt for a pre-waxed strip, and if you want to be more precise, you'll want to choose cloth strips that are sold separately from wax.

Below, I've compiled a list of five at-home wax strips that will work great on their own or along with one of the best at-home waxing kits. Happy grooming!


Best Value: A Budget-Friendly Pack of Non-Woven Cloth Waxing Strips In Different Sizes

This value pack of Begin's non-woven wax strips comes at a super affordable price point of $8 for 200 strips. With 100 small and 100 large strips, they're usable on different areas of the body and are easy to cut, meaning you can make them any shape or size you want. These disposable strips are made of soft, high-quality cloth so they'll be safe and gentle on your skin, but note that you'll need to buy wax separately.


Also Great: A Roll Of Non-Woven Cloth Strips That Can Be Cut Any Way You Want

Another top-notch cloth option are Huini's waxing strips that come in a convenient 100-yard roll. The non-woven cloth is soft yet sturdy and won't stretch or break during use. The roll lets you cut the cloth into your desired size, making this super-versatile and optimal for use on any part of your face or body. Since this option is not pre-waxed, note that you'll have to purchase wax to use with it. The roll has more than 150 top-rated reviews on Amazon — people love the quality and affordability of the strips.


A Solid, Pre-Waxed Option For The Legs and Body

If you're looking for a pre-waxed option to use on larger patches of skin, you'll love the hair removal wax strips by BodyHonee. They're pre-waxed for extra simple use and created with natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients for a softer, smoother finish that won't irritate your skin. The strips are ready-to-use, meaning all you have to do is warm one between your hands, peel it open, place it on the desired area, and pull it off. They also include cleansing towelettes to use after the strip for added softness. With a four-star rating and more than 200 Amazon reviews, it's clear that these strips are working for people.


Best For Brows: A Gentle DIY Waxing Kit That Comes With Everything You Need

This brow shaping kit by Nad's is the top choice for at-home eyebrow waxing. It comes with everything you'll need for the best DIY brow wax, including pre-wax cleansing wipes, a wax applicator wand, 10 small cotton wax strips, a post-wax smoothing balm, and even a brow pencil. The gentle gel wax formula and moisturizing balm are infused with natural ingredients, making them safe and non-irritating for use on your face. The kit is also easy and convenient to use, and the applicator wand allows you to have complete control over where the wax goes with minimal mess.


Best For Sensitive Skin: Easy-To-Use, Pre-Waxed Strips For The Face and Bikini Area

For precise waxing on smaller areas of the face or body, you can't go wrong with Sally Hansen's wax strip kit. These pre-waxed, double-sided strips are petite and best for use on more sensitive areas of the body with finer hair, such as the upper lip or bikini line. They come in a convenient pack of three different sizes (the smaller ones made specifically for use on the face) and an Azulene finishing oil (a soothing oil often used post-wax). The wax on the strips is infused with coconut and marula oils for a smoother, less irritated finish on sensitive areas. They also come ready to use and don't require heat, making them a quick and easy option.

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