5 Expensive-Looking Cubic Zirconia Rings That Are Secretly Cheap AF

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If you want all the sparkle of a diamond at a fraction of the cost, look no further than the best cubic zirconia rings. Whether you’re on the hunt for an engagement ring, a cheaper stand-in to wear when you don't want to risk losing expensive jewelry, or just a sparkly ring to punch up your everyday look, there are plenty of eye-catching cubic zirconia options to consider.

Cubic zirconia often gets compared to diamonds, and for good reason — sparkly cubic zirconia stones can appear quite similar to diamonds. But cubic zirconia is created in a lab rather than found in the natural world, which makes it practically flawless. And despite its glamorous look, cubic zirconia is significantly less expensive to produce than diamonds, which is a huge bonus for shoppers; since it's cheaper for manufacturers to make, it's also cheaper to buy.

There are many cuts, settings, and bands (aka shanks) to consider when shopping for a cubic zirconia ring, and choosing between them is truly just a matter of personal preference. The bands of cubic zirconia rings are typically made of sterling silver or brass with gold, platinum, or rhodium plating that should prevent the oxidation and tarnishing of the underlying metal and extend the overall life of the ring. Rings come in a number of sizes, so make sure you know your size before you place an order.

There are tons of great cubic zirconia rings to be had on Amazon, and I've compiled all the best ones right here. (And if you want to add even more sparkle to your life, check out this list of beautiful cubic zirconia earrings.)


A Yellow Gold-Plated Ring That Highlights The Stone

The 1.88-carat round-cut cubic zirconia stone is front and center in this gold-plated ring from Lux. The band is made of brass with 18-karat gold plating and features a solitaire setting. The ring is simplicity at its finest, and Amazon users say that it works perfectly as a budget engagement ring, or for wearing instead of an expensive engagement ring while traveling.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I absolutely love this ring. I wear it every day. Don't have to worry about losing my actual diamond ring. I get so many compliments on it. No one has to know it's a CZ. It's so beautiful. I catch myself staring at it. Might go ahead and get another one."

  • Available Sizes: 5 - 10


A White Gold-Plated Ring With Eye-Catching Detail

This white gold-plated sterling silver Raneecoco solitaire ring is a stunner. The brilliant center stone is complemented by smaller stones winding their way around the band. It's definitely more glamorous than a ring with a single stone, but still super sweet and subtle. Multiple reviewers say they've used this ring to propose to their partners with positive results. The manufacturer says the band is safe for many people with metal allergies, but that they don't recommend it for those who are allergic to silver.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Absolutely Stunning! This ring blows me away with it's brilliance. The photo does not do it justice, but you can compare it to my real diamond which can't reflect light like this one does. I wear this one all the time now. I've worn it for 10 weeks now, under all kinds of conditions, even on my volunteer cleaning job. [...] the metal is hoping up well with no flaking or tarnishing and the CZ is brilliant as the day it arrived. Other CZ rings I own can't hold a candle to the beauty of this one."

  • Available Sizes: 4.5 - 10


A Stackable Band With Cubic Zirconia All Around

This stackable ring from PAVOI is covered in the highest-grade of cubic zirconia — and I do mean covered, because the stones circle the entire ring. The sterling silver band is plated in 14K rose gold, though it's also available in rhodium-plated silver, yellow gold-plated silver, and as a tri-color set. Wear it as a band on its own, add it to a stack of other bands, or wear it as a complement to a ring with larger stones.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "LOVE THIS RING! I've been looking for a cheap, durable and non-tacky ring to fit under the Halo on my wedding ring and just didn't like anything. It's so simple and so pretty! The rose is beautiful and you can't even tell with it next to my ring! I already purchased another one lol. It's literally perfect. I bought this solely based on the reviews and it came with a coupon! Very [petite] and light weight."

  • Available sizes: 5 - 9


A Totally Glamorous Halo Ring With Swarovski Shine

Amazon Collection's halo ring with Swarovski zirconia features a round-cut cubic zirconia center with a halo setting that's sure to catch the light. The sterling silver shank is plated in platinum and lined with smaller cubic zirconia stones. Swarovski is a heavy-hitter in the zirconia industry, and each Swarovski stone on this ring is engraved with a seal of authenticity.

You can also snag the ring in rose gold-plated silver, yellow gold-plated silver, and with a green or pale blue center stone.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "OMGoodness I love this ring. It is so beautiful! The box it arrived in is gorgeous enough to use in a proposal. Can't tell this ring isn't real. Best purchase by far. LOVE LOVE this ring. It sparkles like you can't believe."

  • Available Sizes: 5 - 9


A Dainty & Delicate Band

This delicate, elegant BORUO ring is plated in both platinum and rhodium for durability and shine. One larger stone sits in the center with three smaller stones on either side. One thing to note: This ring comes in a bag, not a box. If you're planning to use this in a proposal, you may want to purchase a box separately.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I cannot believe how well this ring has stood up to wear. I ONLY take it off to put on tanning lotion haha! I wear it in the shower, while I sleep, during chores, makeup/beauty routine and it is still FLAWLESS. And i mean it looks as sparkling new as it did the day it arrived!! No scratches, the stones haven't dulled, it's absolutely beautiful still! I'm amazed!"

  • Available Sizes: 4 - 12

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