The 50 Strangest 5-Star Products On Amazon That'll Actually Change Your Life


If you spend as much time on Amazon as I do, you might think you’ve seen it all — but believe me, there are some real hidden gems with incredibly high reviews that you haven’t stumbled upon yet. Finding these strange five-star products on Amazon that improve your day-to-day routine is like spending hours on a puzzle only to realize the solution was there all along. You just needed to know what to search for.

While a part of you might be frustrated you hadn't found these life-changing products sooner — it actually kind of makes sense. That’s because many of these everyday solutions are undeniably strange, like a grape cutter or stainless steel soap bar that naturally removes the scent of unpleasant odors. They're weird! But once you dive into the reviews, which are mostly five-star, you'll see how these incredibly odd products solve problems you didn't know could be solved, make life a lot easier, and work amazingly.

So if you need yet another reason to make your life even better, prepare to add these super strange yet completely practical five-star products to your cart. They might not be things you've heard of, but you'll be an immediate convert once you get that package sent to your door.


This Acupressure Mat That Relieves Pain In 20 Minutes

This acupressure mat uses over 8,800 tiny, plastic acupoints to stimulate pressure points and increase blood flow. Simply lay on it for 20 minutes to reduce your body’s inflammation and help your mind relax. It's also great for reducing migraines and helping people manage chronic pain. One reviewer wrote: “I sleep like an angel after laying on it for about 20 min! LOVE."


This Eyelash Serum That Has Over 3,000 Reviews

Give your lashes the nourishment they need with Lavish Lash’s growth enhancing serum. The cruelty-free serum uses plant-based ingredients to help grow longer, fuller lashes. Just use the fine-tipped applicator to apply a thin line at the roots of your lashes once a day. And if you’re skeptical, over 3,000 Amazon reviews credit luscious lashes to this hypoallergenic serum.


A Stainless Steel Bar That Takes Away The Scent Of Garlic

Once you use this stainless steel bar, you might be convinced that magic exists. But really, the bar's negatively-charged bar combines with the positively charged cool water to get rid of all those nasty smells. Just rub your the bar on your hands for 30 seconds to wash away the scent of fish, onions, and garlic. Dishwasher safe, it's easy to use: "it took the smell away immediately! This thing is basically a miracle worker!"


This Cherry Pitter With A Built-In Splatter Shield

This cherry and olive pitter has a sturdy zinc body that can remove the pits from food with ease. It’s designed with a comfortable non-slip handle that absorbs pressure, making the de-pitting process painless. Not only does it come with a splatter shield to keep your kitchen counters — or couch — free of juice stains, it also locks closed for easy storage.


This Exfoliating Scrub That Fights Breakouts

Premium Nature’s exfoliating body scrub is made from natural ingredients including coconut milk, almond oil, sea salt, vitamin E, and avocado oil for a gentle scrub and softer skin. Made to brighten skin, even skin tone reduce inflammation, and moisturize, this scrub also protects skin from damage. Reviewers found the Amazon choice scrub was a natural way to combat breakouts and acne.


This Mister Set That Gives You The Perfect Dry Martini

Turn your Vermouth into a fine mist with Franmara’s Perfect Martini Mister Set. The refillable stainless canister holds up to a half ounce of Vermouth that can be atomized for the perfect dry martini. The sleek set comes with a tiny funnel and black velvet bag for the on-the-go bartending. One reviewer said it made the “best tasting martini ever,” while another noted it can also be used with orange, lime, or lemon in lieu of a peel.


This Massage Pillow That Promises Long Term Pain Relief

Wedge the Solidback deep tissue massager under the crook of your neck and feel the tension melt away. The pillow’s arched design allows the high-quality foam spikes to reach deep into the skin to stretch and massage tight muscles. Also great for legs, the stretcher is a natural pain relief that’s easy to take on-the-go— it weighs just under seven ounces. The EVA foam is sot to the touch, but hard and dense enough to not be crushed by weight.


This Bottle Opener That Only Needs One Hand

Next time you throw a party you won't have to force your guest to abandon their cheese plates to open a cold one. The Gropener one-handed bottle opener has an ambidextrous design that lets you hold and open a bottle with just one hand. Available in eight colors, it keeps caps unbent for collecting and comes with a magnet so it can easily hang on the fridge.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Run For 20 Hours

This essential oil diffuser has a modern square design that can hold up to 700 milliliters of water — which means it can run for up to 20 hours on the lowest setting. The humidifier doubles as an LED night light, glowing between seven colors with multiple brightness modes. The built-in timer setting lets you choose between one, three, or six hours of mist before an automatic turn-off. For additional relaxation, add in drops of your favorite essential oil to create a soothing environment.


This Air Fryer That Makes French Fries Crispy With Little To No Oil

Cozyna's air fryer lets you ditch excessive oil for a healthier take on fried foods. Great for frying, grilling, roasting, or baking, the fryer heats up to 400 degrees and uses stormic airflow technology to cook your favorite foods with just one tablespoon of oil. The dishwasher-safe cooker can hold just over three liters of foods and has a built-in 30-minute timer. It also comes with two cookbooks to make figuring out air frying basics a breeze, and is great for proteins, frozen foods, and vegetables.


This Odd Balm That Anyone With A Beard Needs

It's time to give beards the same nourishment as the rest of your hair with this all-natural beard balm. It uses a combination of botanical oils, shea and cocoa butters, and essential oils to create a conditioning balm that softens, conditions, repairs, and nourishes beards. Designed to stop the itch from new growth and rogue hairs, the handcrafted product also eliminates dandruff. It's sold in 2-ounce tin that's 100 percent recyclable and produced in the USA for a product you can feel good about.


A Handmade Soap Bar That Cleanses Skin With Charcoal And Olive Oil

This vegan soap is chemical and preservative free with dead sea mineral mud from Israel that draws out impurities, toxins, and dirt particles to leave your skin fresh. It also tightens the pores and has fine grains that exfoliate and rejuvenate dead skin. Also packed with shea butter and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize, it's naturally scented with therapeutic grade essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus.


This Water Flosser With Over 9,000 Reviews

The Aquarius Water Flosser has a powerful water jet pressure that cleans below teeth and along the gum line to remove bacteria and debris. It's easy to use, has 10 settings, and works in just one minute. Designed with a 90-second water capacity, it also comes with seven different tips including three classic jet tips, a toothbrush tip, an orthodontic tip, and a Pik Pocket tip.


This Solar Power Bank That Can Charge 3 Devices At Once

This power bank can charge up to three devices at once and holds enough energy to charge a smartphone up to nine times. The portable charger is made with eco-friendly silicone rubber, and has a backup solar panel for an emergency power source. After charging for up to eleven hours, the full power bank uses red, blue, and white lights to track the level of charge.


This Coconut Oil Mixture That Stops Bad Breath

This natural pulling coconut oil works to stop bad breath by removing bacteria. Infused with natural menthol mint, it naturally whitens teeth and removes years of coffee and stains from teeth. Just swish your in your mouth every morning in addition to your normal dental routine to see fast results. One reviewer writes: "


This Wine Opener That Can Open 30 Bottles On A Single Charge

This best-selling automatic wine opener not only removes your cork in seconds, but it has a built-in foil cutter, too. The lightweight charger ditches traditional batteries for a rechargeable system that can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. The transparent shell around the corkscrew eliminates the guesswork Each charger comes with a sleek charging base that has an LED light.


This Party Game That 20 People Can Play

Stay on top of pop culture with the latest adult game sweeping the Internet What Do You Meme? The game includes 75 premium photo cards and 360 caption cards, and players use both to create the best memes for points. Prove you're the funny friend in the group while playing with up to twenty people. The game also includes an easy easel and fun bonus rules, all created by the team at F*ckJerry.


This Anti-Chafe Balm That Keeps You Feeling Dry

Bodyglide's anti-chafe balm creates an invisible skin protection barrier with plant-derived ingredients to stop chafing from sweat or clothing. The hypoallergenic formula is resistant to perspiration and water, but won't clog pores. It dries instantly on the skin, it's fragrance-free, and applies right from the stick container to prevent messy hands. One five-star reviewer wrote: "I really cannot explain how much I love this product, it truly is a life saver! If you ever suffer from chafing, you NEED this. Don't let yourself suffer any longer. Just buy it."


This Handy Little Grape Cutter Tackles Tomatoes, Too

Rapidly quarter tomatoes and grapes with OXO Tot's Grape cutter. The serrated blades easily slice through fruit skins or pitted olives making it great for creating chicken salad, fruit salad, or even salsa. The soft, non-slip plunger is dishwasher safe and designed with a curved finger rest for maximum comfort. It's also easy to take apart for cleaning, and comes with a cover that snaps on for easy, safe storage.


This Curling Brush That Heats Up In 30 Seconds

This curling iron brush heats up in just 30 seconds to quickly create curls that last for an entire day. The one-inch barrel has high-quality nylon bristles and an extra long cooling tip to prevent scalding. It heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used for curling, straightening, or adding volume to hair. Designed with an automatic 60-minute shutoff, the brush has a ceramic barrel that reduces heat damage and locks in moisture.


This Notebook That Turns Your Doodles Into Digital Files

This smart notebook comes with reusable pages that detect ink after 15 seconds of writing — and turn your doodles and muses into digital files. Use any pen from the Pilot Frixion line on the 36 reusable pages to prevent paper waste and keep organized. Once it's filled, pop the acid-free notebook into the microwave for two minutes and watch ink disappear. Available in both an executive and larger letter size, reviewers call this notebook a produce that "will change your life."


This Pillow That Holds Up Your Phone At The Perfect Angle

Make your next Netflix binge even comfier with an extendable soft body pillow that props up your iPad, reader, or tablet computer at the perfect angle. Sturdy enough to support your smart devices, the pillow can move from bed to floor and even rolls out to support a wireless keyboard. The 100 percent cotton denim cover is removable and hand washable. Available in five fun colors, the pillow is great for hands-free reading and long Youtube sessions.


This Teeth Whitening Wipes That Clean Coffee Stains

Instead of worrying about stained smiles after a glass of red, give your teeth a quick whitening job with White Wipes. The stain-preventing dental wipes help prevent discoloration by wiping away stain-causing molecules, leaving behind a fresh minty clean. Each box contains 12 wipes individually wrapped to discreetly fit into your pocket or purse. Multiple reviewers called them "a must" after morning coffee.


This Self Massage Tool That You Can Use In A Shower

This S-shaped self-massage tool has 11 carefully placed therapy knots that let you access different pressure points along your neck, shoulders, and spine to relieve spasms and muscle knots. The high-quality tool is made of polyethylene that's BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and safe for use in the shower. Designed and manufactured in Oregon, the Body Back Buddy Jr. weighs just under a pound but is still three times stronger than competitors.


These Silicone Wine Glasses That Won't Break

Be prepared for your next house party with unbreakable, durable wine glasses made out of 100 percent silicone. Completely dishwasher safe, they're sold in both white and multicolored set options. The 12 ounce glasses are easy to pack and super portable for use at the pool, beach, camping, or park. Best of all, they're stain resistant and can be frozen for extra-frosty chilled drinks.


This All-Natural Deodorant That Isn't In A Jar

Primal Pit Paste offers an all-natural solution to deodorant — and it's aluminum-, paraben-, chemical-, and toxin-free. It's also made from recyclable plastic tubing, and it's scented with coconut oil and lime essential oils for a fresh, light scent. To apply, just warm the stick on your skin for five seconds, apply two thorough coats, and let dry for five minutes before putting on clothes.


This Shopping Bar Carrier That Frees Up Your Hands

Carry your next grocery haul indoors with ease thanks to Grocery Gripp's shopping bag carrier. Loop the strap through multiple bags — including garment bags, shopping bags, or even beach chairs to conveniently carry everything at once. The secure strap keeps your hands free to hold other things, and it's small enough to fit in a purse. The durable strap can last for years, with an ergonomic design that lets you transfer weight between your shoulder and wrist for less strain.


This Moldable Glue That Can Fix Broken Wires

Sugru's moldable glue turns into silicone rubber in just 24 hours to fix, bond, seal, or mount pretty much anything. The durable glue is capable of bonding to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and most plastics to hold up to four pounds of weight. Available in seven colors, the glue is waterproof, temperature proof, flexible and even shock-resistant for insulating electricity. Family safe and gentle enough for skin contact, this product has over 2,500 reviews praising is ingenuity — use it to fix broken computer chargers, sneakers, or create hooks for jackets.


This Smoothie Bottle That Comes With A Built-In Travel Bottle

This personal blender lets you take your favorite frozen concoction on-the-go. The 20-ounce blending jar doubles as a sports travel bottle — meaning less time for you in the kitchen and less to clean. Great for both cold and hot creations, it has four stainless steel blades and a 300 watt motor for quick, creamy smoothies or sorbets. The base also features suction feet to prevent movement, and the cup is dishwasher safe.


This Batter Dispenser That Pours The Perfect Amount Every Time

KPKitchen's batter dispenser controls the amount of batter released with every squeeze. Simply pour batter into the wide-mouth opening, pull the durable handle, and you'll get a perfect pour in just two seconds. The BPA-free plastic dispenser even has a half-inch opening that works with chunky mixes, and a fail-safe valve to prevent leaks. It's no surprise reviewers called this best-seller "a must-have in the kitchen."


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Can Be Reused Up To 25 Times

Magnetic eyelashes may be all the rage, but these 100 perfect mink fur lashes set themselves apart by lasting up to 25 uses before they need replacements. The lightweight lashes come in a two pack, and a magnet is centered into each lash for a natural, comfortable fit — no glue required. One reviewer wrote their friends actually "'thought I'd gone and gotten individual extensions."


This Travel Pillow That Supports Your Neck While You Sleep

The patented designed of this travel pillow wraps around the neck for maximum support and comfort — and stops the head from falling forward, leading to less sore necks after a long sleep on a plane or train. It can be conformed and twisted into several positions to suit your sleeping position, it's fully machine washable, and the pillow can be snapped onto any handbag or suitcase. One reviewer raves: "Wow ! By far the best pillow support for traveling. Used it for a 4 hour flight and forgot I even had it on. Perfect addition to my travel gear."


This Soap That's Made Out Of Beer

When you catch a whiff of Swag Brewery's beer soap, you'll detect notes of orange peel, crushed oats, and real hops. But the real benefit is the beer — because the natural richness of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids make it an incredibly moisturizing skin treatment. Made in the USA, these soaps come in a set of six, each roughly the size of a hockey puck. Great for lathering before a shave or even shampooing, this soap won't dry out your skin or hair.


This Brilliant Pouch That Eliminates Odors

These all-natural odor-eliminating pouches absorb moisture through a blend of charcoal and minerals to stop bacterial growth. This means instead of masking odor, you truly eliminate it. Put them in sneakers, gear, bags, or cars for three to four months of continuous odor control.


This...Interesting Way To Preserve Your Wine

Wine condoms fit comfortably over the top of your favorite wine bottle to preserve it for later better than the cork. Unlike traditional wine stoppers that poke out at least an inch over the rim, wine condoms fit securely against the bottle to reduce added height that makes refrigerator storage such a pain. Disposable and convenient to carry in slim foil packages, the condoms are made from 100 percent rubber.


This Tiny Iron That Fits Into Your Hand

This 420-watt mini steam iron is the perfect solution for wrinkled clothing while traveling. The dual-voltage iron fits into the palm of your hand, has a temperature control dial, and a one-touch steam control for easy ironing. It's designed to hold just under two ounces of water and heats up in 15 seconds, so it's ready for immediate use. Each iron comes with a travel bag and plastic measuring cup.


This Wine Wand That Keeps Your Pinot Grigio Chilled Longer

Pull your wine wand out of the freezer and pop it into a bottle of rosé to chill it in minutes. The brushed steel wand has a pour-through aerator, and can keep wine cold up to an hour. Every wand can double as a pourer, and comes with a stopper to preserve the bottle and prevent spills. Each pack has two cooler wands, so you can always have a backup bottle chilling on the side.


This Foot & Hand Massager That Treats Plantar Fasciitis

Roll out muscle relief at home with GoFit's foot and hand massager. It's made with a soft-grip rubber, and wrapped around a firm core that stands up against weighted pressure — which gives a targeted deep-tissue massage. The contoured shape gives you full control over pressure, and helps treat Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It even comes with a booklet to help lead you through massage exercises.


This Facial Mask That Treats Your Skin With Vitamin C

This Vitamin C facial mask uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and soothing ocean extracts to rehydrate and nourish skin in as little as three uses. The cold-processed formula ditches harmful chemicals to provide an all-natural mask that's 99 percent natural and hypoallergenic. Just apply to your skin for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing away to reveal moisturized skin.


This Card Game That's More Extreme Than Cards Against Humanity

Prepare to bush boundaries with this extreme card game that makes other grown-up games look demure. Played like Apples to Apples, one player selects a red rule card while the other players anonymously choose a white card to pair it with. The results will be funny and raunchy, and the reader of the card selects a winner. Each pack comes with 108 red rule cards and almost 500 white cards for a full-night of crude humor. Reviewers warn this is not a game for children.


This Cell Phone Stand Ideal For Charging While Watching Movies

This cell phone stand is made out of lightweight black aluminum alloy, with rubber cushioned hooks that keep your phone in place without scratching. Ideal for watching Youtube tutorials or while video chatting with friends, this four-inch stand lets you keep your hand free for other activities — and you can keep your phone positioned horizontally or vertically. Each stand also has rubber feet to keep in in place, and is placed at a 45-degree angle for the best viewing angle.


This Sleep Mask Set That Improves Sleep Quality

Have the perfect sleep mask on hand for any occasion with Fitglam's sleep mask set. It comes with a hypoallergenic mask made from smooth mulberry silk that's smooth to the touch and won't irritate the face. It also has a gel mask that can be used hot or cold — just place in the fridge for 10 minutes, or soak in hot water for two minutes — to treat puffy, swollen eyes or tension headaches.


This Misting Facial Spray That Works 100 Times On A Single Charge

This portable facial mister blasts your skin with nano steam, which relaxes and softens skin to moisturize deeply. Each 60-second session refreshes your skin with a cool mist that soothes skin and washes away dirt, leaving you refreshed. The mister has a 22-milliliter water tank that holds enough water to blast your face with mist over 100 times, and uses USB battery power. And on the rare occasion when the batter does die, it just takes two hours to recharge.


These Silicone Oven Mitts That Can Handle Anything

These silicone oven mitts keep your hands protected against temperatures up to 450 degrees while you cook, bake, or even grill. The flexible mitts are breathable with a non-skid textured palm for increased stability. Sold in two lengths, they protect fingers, hands, wrists, and even forearms from burns. Best of all, they can easily be thrown into the washing machine or dishwasher for an easy clean, and come in five colors.


This Cutting Board Set Labeled To Prevent Cross-Contamination

This cutting board set comes with four reversible boards, all with built-in antimicrobial protection that stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. Less than an inch thick, the boards easily stack together to take up minimal room, and come in four coded colors each labeled for meats, poultry, fish, and produce to prevent cross-contamination. Heat resistant up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, the boards also come with a 3-inch paring knife.


This Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes And Dries Brushes In 30 Seconds

Give your makeup brushes a long overdue cleaning with Lammcou's. It comes with an automatic brush holder that rotates brushes 360 degrees on three levels of agitation to clean and dry everything in just 30 seconds. Each kit comes with a brush spinning bowl and eight rubber collars to fit a variety of brush sizes. One reviewer writes: "I tried with a fairly large and heavier brush and it still worked very well! This actually makes cleaning my brushes less of a pain!"


This Hair Clip That Doubles As A Tool On-The-Go

The ultimate example of fashion meets function, these stainless steel hair clips double as an on-the-go toolbox. Each clip is designed to have multiple functions like a bottle opener, scraper, ruler, small screwdriver, or nail file. Every set includes three hair clips with three different styles. One reviewer wrote: "I think of these as the Swiss Army Hairclips. You won't regret having them."


This Coloring Book That Celebrates Curse Words

Remember that feeling when you secretly whispered bad words to your friends as a kid? Well, now you can relish in the land of swear words with this adult coloring book. It has 26 single-sided pages filled with glorious curse words, and complex designs to help you finally express how you feel. A combination of beautiful designs littered with f*ck will leave you cackling before tackling the bonus digital PDF.


This Facial Sponge That Exfoliates Your Skin

This facial sponge combines Konjac fibers with French red clay's naturally occurring minerals to create a nourishing treatment that rebalances and hydrates your skin. Designed for dry or sensitive skin, it gently exfoliates to remove impurities while increasing skin elasticity and texture. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, it's a natural treatment for skin concerns such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Each sponge should be sterilized every two weeks in the microwave, and will last up to three months.


This Topical Probiotic Spray That's Vegan

This topical probiotic spray is not only vegan and organic, but made from all natural ingredients with seven live, raw and potent strains of probiotics — and they all work together to restore good bacteria to the skin. Great for treating cuts, acne, psoriasis, athlete's foot, pink eye, and even yeast infections, the hypoallergenic is free of six major allergens including wheat, corn, dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten.

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