The 6 Best Foot Soaks For Sore Feet


It’s not uncommon for our feet to hurt after a long day. Standing, walking, lifting, exercising, dancing — whatever you’re doing, it’s taking a toll on your body. Investing in one of the best foot soaks for sore feet can go a long way towards minimizing discomfort, reducing overall stress, and getting you back on your, ahem, feet quickly. A good quality foot soak will work to decrease aches and pains and reduce the minor swelling that can sometimes accompany long bouts of standing, and it’s a simple, affordable way to pamper yourself at home. Ahead, you'll find six foot soaks on Amazon that not only soothe your tired, aching feet, but also provide additional benefits, like eliminating foot odor, softening and moisturizing dry skin, alleviating leg discomfort, and more.

But first, a few tips on how to make the most of your at-home foot-pampering session. Give yourself enough time to let your foot soak sink in — allow at least 15 minutes for it to really be effective. If your feet are really tired, after using your soak, follow up with a gentle foot massage with a moisturizing foot cream. Then, put your feet up to rest! And if aching, sore feet is becoming a persistent problem, it might be time to check your shoe size. Yep, more than a third of us are wearing the wrong size shoes, which can lead to all sorts of squeezing, pinching, and pain.

And now, scroll on to shop six of the best foot soaks you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Arnica Bath Salts To Treat Aching Feet At Night

After a tough workout or endless day at the office when you can’t imagine taking one more step, a soak in the tub with these mineral bath salts is about the most restorative thing you can do for your body before bedtime. Using arnica, a plant-based ingredient that’s been used to treat aches, soreness, and bruising for centuries, this soak will help relieve not only your sore feet, but any other body pain you're experiencing, too.


A Venus Williams-Approved Foot Soak With A Relaxing Lavender Scent

Who understands the importance of caring for your body better than a pro athlete? Venus Williams is part owner and chief brand officer of Asutra, and their products are designed to relive both the body and mind. This therapeutic foot soak contains Dead Sea salt, tea tree oil, and lavender, a blend that’s both physically restorative and mentally relaxing. Dead Sea salt works to revitalize and soften your feet; tea tree oil fights bacteria and odor; and lavender helps soothe the mind. It’s also a great pick for anyone who does their own at-home pedicures, because it comes with a pumice stone to use post-soak to remove flaky, dry skin and calluses. Don't love the smell of lavender? Then try the peppermint- or eucalyptus-infused formula instead.


An Herbal Foot Bath From Germany

Germany is famous for their herbal medicinal treatments and love of water therapy — and this Allgäuer LatscehnKiefer foot soak is a staple you'll see in pharmacies across the country. It contains a blend of natural oils sourced from trees found in the German mountains, such as Siberian pine and fir, plus soothing allantoin and salt. These ingredients work together to relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation for optimum foot health. The box contains 10 individual foot soak packets, so you can bring a few on your next vacation to alleviate the inevitable soreness that comes after a day of sightseeing.


The Best Foot Soak That Treats Restless Legs, Too

This Seven Minerals foot soak was designed for people whose foot and leg pain make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. It helps reduce leg cramps, joint pain, and muscle soreness, all of which can contribute to restlessness and insomnia. There are no added colors, preservatives, or artificial fragrances in the formula — just magnesium chloride flakes and the oils of lavender, orange, and cedarwood, which provide their own pain-relieving and muscle-soothing benefits, in addition to giving the soak a relaxing herbal scent.


The Best Affordable Foot Soak

The old-school packaging on this inexpensive box of foot soaks looks like it would have been right at home in an apothecary of yore. No surprise: Johnson’s Foot Soap and its borax, iodine, and bran formula have been soothing sore feet since 1870. But it doesn't just help with pain and aching — it also promotes softer skin and treats calluses; plus, the baking soda in the formula gives feet an overall refresh.

One reviewer raves that it’s a total best-kept secret. “I have been using this for over 25 years. Being a bartender my feet would ache and throb, but this takes all the aches and pain away. Also make sure to soak for a good 15 to 20 minutes, then take a pumice stone to remove your dead skin and calluses. Leaves your feet looking and feeling like a baby’s.”


The Best Value For Frequent Use

This Solimo foot soak is quite a bargain buy! You get a whopping four 2-pound bags of product, which is made with naturally derived epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulfate) that provides relief from minor aches and pains. Meanwhile, peppermint oil gives this foot soak a nice aroma to give your feet, and your mood, a nice refresh. If you plan on soaking your feet often, this is the buy for you.

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