6 Natural Toothpastes That Prove Natural Products Can Be Just As Good

Natural beauty and hair products are becoming increasingly popular these days. But if you're already opting to use natural shampoos and moisturizers, why not switch to a natural toothpaste, too? The best natural toothpastes whiten, freshen, and clean just as well as some of the name-brand options — the difference is that they do so naturally.

One reason many people avoid natural toothpastes is that they're concerned that they won't work — but just because a toothpaste isn't minty and frothy doesn't mean it isn't cleaning your teeth. Those are just the qualities we've come to associate with clean teeth. Many people prefer to use natural toothpastes because they're concerned with some of the ingredients in traditional brands. Instead of the typical ingredients, natural toothpastes use ingredients like coconut oil, which can help fight bacteria, baking soda, and even charcoal to keep your pearly whites clean and fresh.

But not all natural toothpastes are created equal, and some really aren't equipped to get the job done. Instead of just picking up the first one you see at your nearest natural cosmetics shop (if you can even find one), start with these great options that have already been vetted by tons of reviewers.


A Coconut Formula Inspired By The Ancient Oil Pulling Practice

Dr. Gingers Coconut Toothpaste, $11, Amazon

Oil pulling is a practice in which you swish a natural oil around in your mouth. Many people believe that this decreases the amount of plaque. This Dr. Gingers toothpaste uses real coconut oil to cleanse your mouth because of its naturally antibacterial properties. It's also got a unique coconut-mint taste that reviewers call, "mellow but pleasant," and it skips the fluoride, peroxide, alcohol, sugar, and artificial dyes and sweeteners.


A Spearmint Toothpaste Natural Beauty Enthusiasts Already Know & Love

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste, $6, Amazon

Rather than using the typical cleansing and foaming agents (like sodium lauryl sulfate), Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste uses innovative ingredients like algae to freshen your mouth — and the formula is also free of fluoride. The result is a pleasant texture, a great taste, and a clean mouth. "Now, I can't stand using Crest or Colgate or other similar kinds of toothpaste. It feels like I'm brushing my teeth with sugar. Jason is definitely the better option and I won't be switching back," says one reviewer


A Whitening Toothpaste With Powerful Activated Charcoal

FineVine Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, $13, Amazon

The ingredients in this FineVine activated charcoal toothpaste are pronounceable, and reviewers say it actually whitens just as well as harsher brands. That's because activated charcoal has been used for years for its ability to absorb things (stains included), and it's no different when it comes to teeth. "My teeth have never looked so white!" says one reviewer who's finally gotten rid of the coffee stains.


A Unique Powder Option For Extra Fresh Breath

Uncle Harry's Natural Toothpaste, $10, Amazon

"This paste is worth every cent and is the most effective oral cleaner I've used," says one reviewer. Uncle Harry's natural toothpaste has an interesting powder consistency that uses bentonite clay to absorb odors. Best of all, the essential oils freshen your mouth and give it a pleasant taste without all those artificial sweeteners.


A Watermelon Toothpaste That's Great For Kids & Adults Alike

Hello Oral Care Watermelon Toothpaste, $4, Amazon

Yeah, it's marketed towards children, but reviewers say this watermelon toothpaste "may replace [their] big brand adult toothpaste" and is "great for adult use," too. That's because it's totally vegan, free of artificial sweeteners, and tastes great without being too sugary. Basically, if you're looking for a fully natural option that doesn't taste like a pile of herbs, this one's it.


An All-Around Awesome Toothpaste For A Great Price

Nature's Gate Natural Toothpaste, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Natural toothpastes (or natural anything-else) can get expensive, but at $20 for a pack of six, this Nature's Gate toothpaste is a great deal. It whitens, freshens without sulfates, fluoride, animal products, or artificial sweeteners, and reviewers are saying, "This has got to be one of the best toothpastes I have ever bought... It's an amazing product at an amazing price!"

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