Less Broken Glass, More Vino — The Best Stemless Wine Glasses For Your Party
by Ileana Morales Valentine
Riedel O Wine Tumbler Cabernet, Corkcicle Triple-Insulated Stemless Glass, and Dragon Glassware Wine...

Whether made from indestructible stainless steel, classic glass, or even silicone, the best stemless wine glasses offer a casual vibe for enjoying your favorite vino. Finding the right material for you is a matter of personal preference but here are some things to consider.

Stemless wine glasses made of glass will feel the most classic for drinking wine, and some are made for certain wine varietals; just keep in mind the heat from your hand as you hold the glass may affect the temperature and obscure more complex flavors in a wine. Also, though they're less likely to tip or break than a long, top-heavy stemmed glass, they're still breakable if dropped.

Stainless steel tumblers are more heavy-duty and ideal for outdoor drinking since they won’t break and will maintain your drink’s temperature, especially if it's best enjoyed chilled. Silicone wine glasses are another unbreakable option especially convenient for the outdoors, and they’re more lightweight, which is perfect for camping or traveling. It’s worth noting these don’t usually come with lids and the flexibility of the “glass” can take some getting used to.

Some stemless wine glasses may be dishwasher safe, but even if they’re not, you’ll find them easier to wash than a delicate stemmed wine glass with its long shape.

After breaking all but one of my traditional wine glasses, I'm sticking with the best stemless wine glasses. They're simply easier and more enjoyable to have around. Keep reading for the best ones to add stock in your kitchen.

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The Overall Best Stemless Wine Glasses

Riedel is one of the leading names in glassware for wine — their roots go back to the 1700s — and they make the best stemless wine glasses.

They're made of glass and are designed to accentuate specific kinds of wines. This pair enhances the aromas and flavors of Cabernets and Merlots, but it’s a good everyday red wine glass, too. You can also select glasses specific to other varietals, like Pinot Noir or the best stemless glasses for white wine.

These delicate glasses are more expensive than others you'll find, but they're worthwhile if you really like wine and want to taste the nuances of your favorite vintages. Another feature I love about these dishwasher-safe glasses is that when tipped over, their shape sort of rolls them back and reduces spills.

A helpful review: “I figure that if the top-rated winery next door can use these Riedel tumblers for their award-winning wines, I sure can, too! This is a good-quality everyday wine glass at a great price. Best yet, it fits easily into the dishwasher.”


The Best Glass Set On A Budget

The best stemless wine glasses on a budget come in a six-pack, are available in designs that are compatible with red wine and white wine, and reviewers repeatedly commented in praise of their quality and shape. They're made of soda lime glass, which is a common type of more affordable glass you may find to be more durable than delicate crystal. These dishwasher-safe glasses are also easy to clean and maintain.

A helpful review: “I hate to have to hand wash regular wine glasses, they don’t fit in the top rack of my dishwasher and they tend to break easily. At first, my [sister-in-law], a true wine snob, would not use them because she claimed your hand would warm the wine too much. But now she admits she uses these too because they fit in the dishwasher. These particular glasses are nicer than the ones I have used. They have a heavier weighted bottom, and a much more attractive design. Six glasses are a great number to get in a set, 4 is never enough. I love these!”


The Most Versatile: A Stainless Steel Tumbler That Keeps Wine Chilled

For poolside or outdoor drinking, a stainless steel tumbler is ideal. It's particularly great to have for sipping rosé or chilled white wine in your backyard, since the triple-layered insulation keeps drinks cold for at least nine hours. And if you want to use the same cup for coffee in the morning, it'll keep that hot for three hours. Unlike glasses, the heat from your hand won't affect the contents of the tumbler.

Corkcicle's tumbler stands out with its flat sides for a more comfortable grip, and a non-slip bottom to prevent spills. This cup also comes with a plastic slider lid that's shatter-proof.

These tumblers comes in lots of fun colors, like this iridescent "unicorn" one or neon yellow, to match your personal style and to ensure you never confuse your cup for someone else's. This pick should be washed by hand, though some reviewers report using a dishwasher without issues.

A helpful review: “Corkcicle has the best insulated products ever. I have the glasses which I use for coffee, ice tea, cold cold water all day long. I have the wine glasses which keep a red at a perfect temp and keep the white cold. Keeps your beer cold. Travels well. Top stays on and doesn't drip. The sides have a flat indentation which is perfect for hand grip. Also attractive. I've tried lots of others and these are the best.”


The Smartest Design: An Easy-To-Hold Glass That Aerates Wine

These unique wine glasses stand out with their swirl design, but it serves a purpose beyond its looks. The indentations in the middle of the glasses provide a natural and comfortable grip for your hand, and this shape helps aerate the wine in the glass, too.

These highly rated glasses are dishwasher safe, and you can get them in pairs, four-packs, or six-packs.

A helpful review: “Absolutely love the wave glasses. They are beautiful and lightweight. Since they are handcrafted, there are slight variations which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces. My mom who has advanced arthritis loves the fact she care securely grip the glass and not have to worry about dropping her favorite glass of rosé."


The Most Portable: These Silicone Wine Glasses That Collapse To Fit In Your Pocket

This set of silicone wine tumblers means you and a few friends can drink wine anywhere outdoors without worrying about broken glass.

Reviewers commented they love using these highly rated tumblers while tailgating, boating, camping, or hanging out in a hot tub or pool. The four tumblers are conveniently dishwasher safe and the BPA-free silicone resists staining. These foldable cups pack well, and they're affordable enough to keep a couple sets on hand.

A helpful review: “If you've ever found yourself trying to enjoy an evening glass of wine but worry you may drop ANOTHER one of sweet Grandma's antique wine glasses, because you are too busy cooking up something to eat, with a baby on your hip, while watching a toddler ride his bike, as your hubs chats with the neighbors, then worry no more. These glasses are the best! Easy to handle. East to sip. Easy to clean. Easy living, indeed!"


The Best Stemless Champagne Flutes

The tall and slender shape of Champagne flutes instantly signals a celebration, and these stemless Champagne glasses are no exception. This set of 12 has an impressive 4.6-star rating with more than 900 reviews from shoppers who commented they love the quality and value of these glasses. Plus, you're always ready for a party with these dishwasher-safe (and lead-free) glasses.

A helpful review: “These glasses are beautiful! I love all things stemless and these serve as beautiful alternatives to traditional champagne flutes and they also make great sparkling cocktail glasses.”