7 Halloween Makeup Kits You Can Get On Amazon Instead Of Scrambling Last Minute

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While you may be too old to go trick-or-treating, dressing up on Halloween is an all-ages activity. With that in mind, it’s the time of the year when you should start thinking about the best Halloween makeup kits to perfect your ghoulish (or gorgeous) look.

Halloween may only come once a year, but that doesn’t mean you need to subject yourself to subpar makeup when you're dressing up. In fact, specialty face paints have come a long way from the waxy, low-pigment products of yesteryear. Today there is an abundance of options that range from cool UV paints that glow in the dark to a portable airbrush machine for easy application. And because your skin should always be of concern when applying any type of makeup, there’s even a version that doubles as a moisture cream — genius! Of course, if you’re the type of person who’s not interested in being uber creative, there’s also an abundance of ready-made kits to help you perfect a classic zombie look befitting for an episode of The Walking Dead.

No matter what you choose to dress up as, the best Halloween makeup kits are high-quality, easy to apply (and remove), and don't ruin your skin.

And since you may find you need it, I've included a great makeup primer as well that will help lock your Halloween makeup look in place all day (and night) long.


The Best Glow-In-The-Dark Kit: Midnight Glo UV Body Paint Neon Glow Kit

Midnight Glo UV Body Paint Neon Glow Kit, $19 (8 Jars), Amazon

Providing you’re at a fete where UV lighting or a blacklight is present, you’ll be all aglow with these non-toxic (read: no nasty fumes) neon paints which come in eight fluorescent hues. The paints are free from dangerous chemicals and are easy to wash off so you can get on with your normal, color-free life on Nov. 1.

What fans say: "I used this orange to paint my face for Halloween and was out for 4 hours bar hopping, lots of dancing. It hung on all night with primer and a couple layers of setting spray just to be sure."


The Best Zombie Makeup Kit: Fun World Zombie Kit

Fun World Zombie Kit, $9, Amazon

Even if zombie movies and television shows weren’t all the rage right now, showing up as a rotting zombie on Halloween is always a good idea. A combination of fake blood, sponges, and even a makeup palette, this kit gives you everything you need to look like you have janky teeth, sunken in eyes, and severe wounds. The addition of liquid latex ensures you’ll perfect the look of decaying flesh.

What fans say: "Ordered the kit for my halloween zombie costume and it worked great for the two times I had to dress up. I will [definitely] be ordering this again next year."


The Best Eyeshadow Palette: Jmkcoz 120-Color Eyeshadow Palette

Jmkcoz 120-Color Eyeshadow Palette, $16, Amazon

Not only does this 120-color eyeshadow palette have a full range of bright colors you can use, but it's designed to last for a long time — and over 1,000 Amazon reviews confirm this. While this palette comes in the 120 bright shades above, you can also get it a four different color combinations, including one closer to skin tone, and one with more pastel shades. While other Halloween makeup might sit in your closet for the rest of the year, this is a $16 palette you can use for more everyday makeup looks as well.

What fans say: "Extremely pigmented and a great value for this price! I ordered for Halloween makeup but have used it more for every day use."


The Best Face & Body Paint Kit: iMustech Face & Body Paint Set

iMustech Face & Body Paint Set, $18, Amazon

While there's a lot of non-toxic face and body paints out there, this set also moisturizes, so you never have to worry about dry, cakey makeup flaking off into your spiced apple cider. You’ll get an array of 12 water-based colors that are applied with a little H20 and a small brush that’s included with the set — it’s the perfect size for applying detailed stencils.

What fans say: "This is a wonderful product and goes on nice and easy. Even if you are just starting out or have been doing face painting for years. It is perfect to use on adults or on children. Comes in enough colors and if you need a different color it is easy to mix to get just the right color. Perfect for parties, Halloween or even if you just love being creative."


The Best Crayon Kit: Dress Up America 12 Non-Toxic Makeup Crayons

Dress Up America 12 Non-Toxic Makeup Crayons, $8, Amazon

This 12 pack of crayons gives you everything you need to mix and match colors, and couldn't be easier to use. You won't need brushes or sponges to apply this halloween makeup kit. And, because they're crayons, you'll have an easier time doing detailed designs for your costume. Best yet, these are non-toxic and easy to wash off.

What fans say: "Exactly as pictured and expected. Worked great to do Halloween makeup on myself and husband. Didn't have any issues with breaking and came off easily when watched."


The Most Versatile Kit: Rubie’s Hollywood Makeup Set

Rubie’s Hollywood Makeup Set, $8, Amazon

If you’re not quite sure what alter ego you want to appear as on Halloween night, this kit provides multiple options for only $8. Along with applicators, the set includes everything from fake blood and teeth to scar wax and fake skin to color palettes, sticks, and creams in both an opaque and glitter formulas.

What fans say: "Love this kit! I got everything that I needed for Halloween, at a very reasonable price. Definitely had enough left over for next year and would definitely recommend. It came with so much more than I even realized!!"


The Best Airbrush Machine: Master Airbrush Set

Master Airbrush Set, $150, Amazon

While you may not take yourself seriously on Halloween, this is one serious airbrush machine! Along with a handy manual to walk you through the setup and application process, the kit includes a high-performance, single-piston airbrush air compressor, complete with a pressure regulator and water trap filter; a set of 16 paints suitable for face and body; a compressor mounted holder for your brush; and a cleaning set to ensure each application is a fresh one.

What fans say: "I'm very new to airbrushing so take this review from a novice's standpoint. I was very very pleased with the whole kit. I literally had never airbrushed before and the Halloween make up turned out great. I just watched some you tube videos the day it arrived and picked up on some good pointers. Putting it together was easy and the air brushes all seemed to work like the tutorials I watched online."


You May Also Want: A Great Face Primer For Halloween Makeup

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer, $15, Amazon

This waterproof face primer is a great buy if you're going to be putting on an intricate Halloween makeup look. Apply this first before your makeup, and you'll find it looks fresher and lasts longer. Even better, this paraben- and cruelty-free primer creates a flat canvas for you to build your masterpiece. Nearly 4,000 Amazon reviewers sing its praises, saying this is a great buy for anyone looking for long-lasting makeup.

What fans say: "I didnt know a product like this existed until I had my makeup done for Halloween. I woke up the next morning and my eye makeup was still flawless! Usually the eyeshadow wears off half way thru the evening or it creases and I just put up with it... not anymore. Just the smallest amount of this before applying eye makeup & it will not only make it last much longer it helps with color saturation & blending. I highly recommend this product!"

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