Bershka & Nat Geo's New Collab Is Giving Off All The David Attenborough Vibes

Bershka's National Geographic collection is made entirely from sustainable materials

Sustainable fashion collections sometimes have to be taken with a pinch of salt. But Bershka's National Geographic collaboration proves that some brands are really committing to a more eco-friendly way of working.

The 9-piece outdoor collection features gorgeous National Geographic wildlife photography (including a cute red panda) on super cosy designs like puffer coats and hoodies. Aiming to encourage a deeper appreciation of the natural world, it also features a whole host of sustainable fabrics.

Each design comes with Bershka's Join Life label: a commitment to make the fashion industry more environmentally-friendly. For example, puffer coats are made with 100% recycled polyester padding and T-shirts feature 100% ecologically grown cotton. Hoodies are comprised of at least 65% ecologically grown cotton while the backpack includes a minimum of 50% recycled polyester.

Bershka has made several other dated commitments. In 2020, it promises to get rid of all plastic bags and to make all its stores eco-efficient (saving up to 20% more energy and 40% more water). The brand's designers will also be trained to ensure that items are easily recyclable. By 2023, all single-use packaging will be eliminated and, by 2025, all cotton and linen will be sustainable and all polyester will be recycled.

With prices starting from just £15.99, the only thing that's missing from this collection is a bigger size range. (Currently, womenswear pieces range from a UK size 6 to 12.) But if you make some noise, your wishes may well be heard. In the meantime, here's every piece you can buy.