These Eurovision Instagram Captions Will Score You Douze Points Across The Board

Eurovision / BBC

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Don't be ridiculous, not Christmas — Eurovision. Ah yes, gay Christmas. People across the globe are girding their loins. These girded loins are ready — ready to get their groove on and dance all night. Dancing loins aside, some people are incredibly serious about Eurovision. Who would blame them really, because this huge annual event is iconic. And what do iconic moments deserve? Captions to match. The best Eurovision Instagram captions are here to compliment your snaps perfectly.

Many people are busy organising parties as we speak. Some people even have an annual event which is so set in stone that nothing could lead to its cancellation. Which is understandable because like, you don't cancel Christmas now do you?

Coming up with a fantastic caption is like falling in love. You can neither plan it nor force it. It comes at you like a tonne of bricks and leaves you desperate to let go and run with it. And when I say run with it I mean slap it on a pic and get it on your Instagram ASAP so you can get douze points from every nation, or at least your mates.

1. Drinking game is: take a sip every time someone sings "baby".

This one should be practiced with great caution as you might well end up knocked out of the competition, by which I mean drinking game, pretty soon.

2. Is that a microphone in his hand or is he just glad to see me?

I mean, it's self-explanatory.

3. "This year’s theme is celebrating diversity. Let’s see who they’ve chosen to host. Oh. It’s three white men" — Graham Norton

Norton's coverage of the big event is literally the only thing good enough to replace Terry Wogan's.

4. Euro not seriously wearing that

A lot of the costumes chosen by performers are a little, erm, shall we say extra.

5. Did you just see that tear-away?

Bucks Fizz obviously had the most iconic tear-away in Eurovision history but now, big costume reveals are all the rage. Expect to see plenty on the main stage this weekend.

6. Euro-wishin' you were at this party

Please feel free to steal this and pop it under your event pics.

7. Thank you, text

It is important to make sure you and all your mates have your say in the voting process.

8. If Australia is in Europe, is butter a carb?

But seriously, is it?

9. Now is the time for making your mind up.

Just in case your followers *still* haven't voted. This reference to Bucks Fizz should do the trick.

10. "Every year I go to see it and every year I say: ‘Isn’t it terrible? It’s worse than last year!" — Terry Wogan

God rest his soul.

11. Is that person who just ran on stage a part of the act? Oh no, we got a streaker.

It happens a lot.

12. I don't even know how to interpret this interpretive dancing.

You just know there will be some.

13. The snack selection at this party deserves douze points.

Snack game strong.

14. Where are those poles sticking into?

If someone doesn't soar across the stage, is it even Eurovision?


15. How many days until next years competition?

You guys, I'm already excited.