The Best Holiday Look For Every Sign, According To An Astrologist

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As your inbox full of Paperless Posts has already indicated, the drawn-out holiday party season is officially in full force — and that means you, brave soul, have the task of picking out outfits for more "festive" dress codes than you ever knew existed. The good news? Dress codes are essentially arbitrary rules, so we are here to make a game of it: Let's all (arbitrarily) base our holiday party outfits around what's best for your zodiac sign.

To help you select a look that will play well with your sun sign, New York City-based astrologer and author Mecca Woods shared some recommendations for the types of accessories you should consider adding to your ensemble, based on which element group your sign falls under — air, fire, earth, or water. Whether you're a Leo who gravitates toward all things glitter or a Pisces who lives for jewel tones, rest easy knowing you're getting dressed for every seasonal soiree with the universe on your side.

Keep reading to find out exactly what Woods says is in store for your zodiac sign this holiday season, plus all the shoes, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, and more you need to really go forth and sparkle.

"Air signs are feeling unusually tender and emotional this year as the cosmos is pushing these intellectual signs to get into their heart space," Woods tells Bustle. "As such, they might consider wearing pinks and pastels, which foster love, peace, and harmony."

If pink, fluffy accessories are your thing, now's the time to fully embrace it. If you're an air sign with a bit of an edgy side, try adding some pastel animal print.

From left to right: Acne Studios scarf, Jocelyn hat, RxBshoes shoes, Amber Sceats earrings, Slip scrunchie, Studio 33 bag, 8 Other Reasons earrings (see similar styles here), Alison Lou earrings, Altaire bag, Steve Madden shoes

From left to right: Wald Berlin headband, Vanina bag, Roxanne Assoulin earrings, Slip scrunchie, Rixo bag, Alison Lou earrings, Aldo bag, Schutz shoes, Kate Spade New York shoes, Lisa C Bijoux earrings, Slip scrunchie, Gucci socks, Rixo bag

If pinks and pastels don't quite work with the look you're going for, that's totally fine. "Air signs should go for colors that boost their mood and inspire fun," Woods says.

"Fire signs are going to be going into the new year focused on career and money," Woods says. "As such, fire signs might want to mix things up with bright, playful colors and shiny statement pieces to boost their mood and offset some of the pressure they've been under."

From left to right: Asos bag, Stand Studio scarf, Aldo shoes, Lisa C Bijoux earrings, Veronica Beard belt, Cult of Coquette shoes, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, Zara clutch, Zara bag, Kate Spade New York bag

From left to right: Moncler scarf, Deepa Gurnani earrings, Steve Madden boots, Bari Lynn clutch, Tory Sport boots, Maje bag, 8 Other Reasons earrings, Lovers + Friends bag, Mother socks, 8 Other Reasons earrings, Eugenia Kim hat

Fire signs can lean all the way in with a head-to-toe neon sequin outfit, or add pops of color and sparkle with some strategic accessorizing. Don't be afraid of a little tie-dye, either!

"Earth signs, often a rock or an anchor to those they love, are being pushed to focus on themselves now, which means more 'me' time as well as moving away from their same old routines," Woods says. "While so much change can be stressful for an earth sign, they might consider going for earthy tones to help alleviate the stress." If part of your self-care involves standing out in a crowd, Woods also suggests adding "a statement piece or an unusual pop of color to represent the new [you] that's taking shape."

From left to right: J. Crew boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren bag, Apparis scarf, RxBshoes shoes, Valet Studio earrings, Hat Attack earmuffs, Reformation boots, Tory Burch earrings, Frances Valentine bag

From left to right: Gucci socks, Coach boots, GCDS hat, Rachel Comey earrings, Studio 33 bag, Rixo bag, Amber Sceats earrings, Jaggar shoes, Deepa Gurnani earrings

Earth tones like deep browns and greens make great base outfit colors, since they go so well with just about everything. For that statement-making pop, try adding a purse with an unexpected print or flashy drop earrings.

"Water signs will be focused on relationships, which includes dating and finding love," Woods says. "They should go for warm pops of color that help them to stand out and get noticed without putting all the attention on them, since water signs often like to stick behind the scenes." If you're not one of those behind-the-scenes water signs, Woods recommends "classic power colors like deep blues or greens that can help boost confidence and communication."

From left to right: Loren bag, Sam Edelman shoes, Neely & Chloe bag, Akola earrings, Frasier Sterling earrings, Tory Burch shoes, Lele Sadoughi headband, Valet Studio earrings, Reformation shoes, Steve Madden boots

From left to right: Apparis scarf, Madewell hat, Studio 33 bag, Frances Valentine bag, 8 Other Reasons earrings, Lele Sadoughi earrings, Jennifer Behr headband, Farylrobin shoes, Gucci socks, Crocodile Wear boots

Earth and water signs have a similar recommended color palette this season, but waters can really stick in those rich, jewel tones. Any combination of gold, deep purple, and emerald green will work wonders.

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