Bustle's Editors On 'This Is Us' + HR-7

It's hump day, people! You made it — even if you thought today was Thursday and were sorely disappointed when you realized it wasn't. (Don't worry, every day is starting to feel the same to us, too.) But you've officially made it halfway through this week, and you deserve a celebratory pat on the back — or a consoling pat on the back if you're still sobbing over Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us. (We feel ya.)

So here's WTF is up with the world today, from Trump's latest executive order and what you can do to keep fighting, to the tragic death of Hollywood icon Mary Tyler Moore and the impact she made on women everywhere. Let's go!

This Is Us + Jack

We all know we're watching this show (I highly recommend you start now if you're not already) because we're in love with Milo Ventimiglia's Jack Pearson — even though we know he's dead and our hearts are ripped out literally every episode by some new flashback of him. (If you're denying it, take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror. The truth will find you.) But even this knowledge couldn't prepare us for finding out when Jack died on This Is Us during this week's new episode.

Tuesday's flashback was heartbreaking (of course), but we're still no closer to figuring out how this seemingly perfect man died. And what's worse is that we'll have to wait a seriously long time before we find out how Jack died on This Is Us.

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House Of Representatives + Anti-Abortion Bill

On Tuesday night, while you were probably rushing home to tune into the aforementioned heartbreaking episode, the House passed HR-7, an anti-abortion bill that would seriously affect millennial women. The bill, which expands the Hyde Amendment, would bar federal funding to insurers who provide abortion, making it particularly hard for women who can't afford to pay full price for the procedure.

Now, there are important things to know about how this bill will or won't affect you if it becomes law. If you can afford an insurance plan of your choice or have an employer who pays for one, your life won't change much. However, for the poorest women, who must pay out of pocket and who will be most affected by HR-7, the estimated cost of an abortion would be $575. If you're thinking that sounds unacceptable, you're right, but there are ways you can help.

What You Can Do: Here's why you should call your representative about HR-7 right now.

Trump + "The Wall"

The mythical Wall cometh. On Wednesday, Trump signed yet another executive order (feels like we've heard those words a lot recently) to officially start building "The Wall" on the U.S.-Mexico border. Sure, we knew this was coming from Tuesday's tweet (of course), but this is now really happening. Like, for real.

Environment 101: No gag order can keep us down. Following Trump's gag orders on the EPA and U.S. Department of Agriculture releasing scientific information, an "alternative" Twitter account for the U.S. National Parks service has popped up. Calling itself the "Unofficial 'Resistance' Team of U.S. National Park Service," the account has been tweeting straight #facts, and we're here for it.

Mary Tyler Moore + Feminism

In some truly sad news today, actress and Hollywood icon Mary Tyler Moore died at age 80. Moore's series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was one of the first series to show an independent working woman's life. And the fact that Moore fought tough TV dress codes for women to be able to wear her iconic capri pants on the series makes it even more apparent how much of badass inspiration she was for all women.

WTF Moment of the Day: I know, another Twitter moment from Trump — can you believe it?! On Wednesday morning, Trump announced that he would be launching a "major investigation" into voter fraud — even though he's yet to provide any real evidence to prove his claims. Yes, this is also real.

What to Watch: There's no better time than tonight to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It's available to stream and purchase on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon. <3

Images: Dawn Foster, Chelsea LaSalle, Alyssa Foote