Bustle's Editors On Trump's Ban + The SAG Awards

Nothing like coming back to work after a nice, calm weekend, right? I kid — these past few weeks have been totally insane, due to the rollout of Donald Trump's immigration ban, which temporarily prohibits refugees and citizens of seven countries from entering the U.S. As we all saw, the ban caused immediate backlash, with countless people coming together to voice their dissent and protest around the globe, acts that are bound to continue throughout this week.

And believe it or not, the ban isn't the only huge thing that happened this weekend and on Monday. Read on for a recap of all the big news and events that got Bustle's editors talking these past few days.

Trump's Muslim Ban + Protests

By now, we've all heard and processed the upsetting news about Trump's ban and what it means for immigrants and refugees. So let's focus on the positive: the incredible protests happening around the globe over the ban, the organizations like the ACLU that have gotten massive donations, and the companies standing up against the discriminatory ban. America is fighting back.

How To Help: Feel like you're not doing enough to make your voice heard? Here's how to find a refugee ban protest near you, or how to call your Senators to make your opposition to the ban heard loud and clear.

The SAG Awards + What They Mean

Another Sunday night, another awards show. Last night, the SAG Awards honored the best in both film and TV, with the casts of Stranger Things (including an amazingly expressive Winona Ryder) and Orange is the New Black taking home the biggest television prizes. As for film, here's what Hidden Figures' surprise win might mean for the Oscars.

Ocean's 8 Sneak Peek: Sorry, other movies, but the best film of 2018 is clearly going to be Ocean's 8, at least judging by the amazing first photo released of the all-female cast. There's Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and more — hell, yes.

Quebec + How To Help

In heartbreaking news, a shooting at a Quebec City mosque late Sunday night left five dead, with several others injured. Although the shooters' motives aren't known, Islamaphobia is unfortunately rampant across the globe, and this particular mosque has been targeted in the past. Here's how to help the Quebec mosque shooting victims after this awful tragedy.

Satire 101: Need a smile after so much terrible news? Over the weekend, Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer retweeted an Onion article making fun of him, apparently not understanding what the Onion — or satire — is. LOL.

Selena Gomez + The Weeknd

After photos of the two of them together got fans' eyebrows raised, it looks like things are now official between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. Both stars posted photos or videos of each other on their Instagrams (Gomez's post was deleted a few hours later), and they seem to be spending a lot of time together recently. What's their ship name gonna be: Gomnd? Weekena? So many options.

Save The Date: Making a Murderer Season 2 is coming up, you guys. The exact premiere date is still unknown, but according to a new report, it's definitely gonna be sometime in 2017. Get ready, y'all.

Miss Universe + All Those Dresses

Sunday night marked the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, and while Miss France was the true winner of the night, the amazing Miss Universe gowns worn by each of the contestant also deserve some applause. Check 'em all out and prepare to have some serious beauty pageant FOMO.

Shopping Break: The state of the world may be a little icky right now, but that doesn't mean your bathroom has to be. These 20 clever items will make your bathroom look and smell amazing.

Today's WTF Moment: It turns out that pizza might not be the best thing for your skin — but that doesn't mean you need to stop eating it. Just maybe don't rub the grease all over your face, OK?

What to Watch: Two good options tonight: a new episode of The Bachelor on ABC at 8, or a new episode of Jane the Virgin, on the CW at 9. Or, hey — why not watch both and ignore the real world for a few hours?