Bustle's Editors On Sally Yates + Batfleck

We've made it, everyone! Somehow, we all got through the first month of 2017, although it was no easy feat. Everyone may have been begging for 2016 to end, but as we all learned, the new year isn't exactly a pile of rainbows. But hey, at least January is over, and February is a short month, and then spring will be here before we know it... right?

OK, I'm getting ahead of myself, but I know I'm not alone in taking pleasure in the fact that January is finally over. Here's what the last day of this crazy month had in store:

Donald Trump + Sally Yates

Monday was... a roller coaster. Over the course of just a few short hours, Sally Yates, Trump's acting attorney general, ordered the Department of Justice not to defend the president's immigration order, and then was fired for "betraying" the White House. Many people have rallied around Yates, labeling her a hero and writing some truly sweet #ThankYouSally tweets. Learn more about just who Sally Yates is here and see why so many have come to support her and her actions.

What's Next: Yates is out, but Dana Boente is in. Here's what to know about the new acting attorney general, who says he will defend Trump's immigration order.

Beauty And The Beast + A New Trailer

Is it March yet?! On Monday night, the newest and last Beauty and the Beast trailer came out, and it's basically a '90s kids dream. The gorgeous dresses, the talking candlesticks, that gorgeous duet from Ariana Grande and John Legend — everything about this trailer will have you swooning.

Batfleck Update: Although he'll star in the movie, Ben Affleck has stepped away from directing The Batman, the upcoming movie about the caped crusader. Whomp, whomp.

Immigrants + That Trump Hotels Tweet

Oh, Twitter. After an old tweet from the Trump Hotels account asking users for their favorite travel memories was unveiled, many people have been choosing to answer the inquiry with their, or their families', stories about immigration or being refugees. Read some of the intense, powerful stories here.

Pro Tip: Need some new reading material? Pick up one of these 11 books by Muslim women authors, from a funny memoir about growing up Iranian in America to a powerful novel about surviving the Taliban.

Fashion + Why It Matters

With the world falling to pieces around us, caring about things like clothes and makeup can feel silly, even dumb. Yet as Bustle's Fashion & Beauty Editor Olivia Muenter writes here, fashion and beauty still matters — perhaps more than ever before. "In a time when male lawmakers want to control a woman's body, we can choose to celebrate ourselves, our bodies, our beauty in any way we see fit," says Muenter. "It's not letting the fact that we have a president who has said things like "a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 'ten'" or openly called women "bimbos" dictate how we feel about our own bodies, or how we display them."

Shopping Break: If you love that "just-showered" feeling but aren't as into the actual shower itself, invest in items that make you feel fresher for longer, like the 19 innovative shower products here.

Today's WTF Moment: It's official: Titanic director James Cameron has debunked the Mythbusters fan theory that Jack and Rose could've both fit on the door. Sorry, Leo.

What to Watch: It's your last chance to watch these Netflix movies before they leave the site at January's end, so spend tonight making popcorn and enjoying Bring it On or Dazed and Confused.