Bustle's Editors On Taylor Swift + Thong Jeans

Happy Thursday! Today has been a calm one, but there is still a ton of things to discuss.

There's Taylor Swift and her new song, some strange denim attire that we can't quite wrap our heads around, and so much more. Luckily, the week is almost over, and I, for one, could not be more ready for a few days of rest! But before we all curl up to watch Netflix all weekend, here's everything that had Bustle's editors talking this Thursday, Oct. 19:

Taylor Swift + "Gorgeous"

T. Swift shared a few cryptic Instagram posts today that basically set the Internet on fire. It looks like she'll be dropping a new song, "Gorgeous", at midnight TONIGHT, so prepare to stay awake into the early hours of the morning for this one. Super fans who previewed her album last week have taken to Twitter to tell us exactly how amazing this new track is — and we can't wait to see if it lives up to the hype!

Hair Goals: Alicia Keys debuted her new mermaid hair on Instagram, and it's seriously stunning. I repeat, stunning!

Thongs + Jeans

Yep, this is a real thing. At Tokyo Fashion Week, spectators were treated to the sight of these thong jeans by Thibaut. This is one of the strangest variations on jeans that the fashion industry has produced recently. You'll probably remember the clear knee mom jeans and the detachable jean shorts/pants, both of which were, um, fascinating. 2017 has been a weird one, and now we can add this denim ensemble to the bizarre things we've witnessed this year.

You Do You: Who doesn't love a good personality test, right? Here are 11 awesome quizzes you can take right now that'll reveal *so much* about who you really are!

Dogs + Tweets

Sometimes, the Internet can be a wonderful place. These 21 #IfItWerentForDogs” tweets are 100% guaranteed to lift your spirits after a long week. The hashtag, which trended on Twitter, is an important reminder to look after yourself and to take mental health seriously — especially when there is so much chaos around.

Treat Yo Self: Stay cozy and warm with these delightful Harry Potter items. From candles to bath bombs, these are absolutely perfect for fall.

Sexual Harassment + Solutions

Following allegations of sexual harassment against an Ohio senator, the Ohio State Senate is now providing Senators and their staff with sexual harassment training. This move is supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, and there's hope it'll inspire similar action in other branches of the government.

#MeToo: The #MeToo hashtag has kickstarted a much-needed conversation about sexual harassment and assault. but the momentum needs to keep going. Here's a helpful guide on how to talk to your male co-workers about sexual harassment in order to implement real change in your workplace.

Today's WTF Moment: We've all heard truly awful catfishing stories, but this one is SO wild: A woman tracked down the man used to catfish her... and now they're in love! Well, stranger things have happened.

What To Watch: Everyone is talking about the new trailer for 'I, Tonya', starring Margot Robbie. The biopic depicts the rise and fall of infamous ice skating competitor, Tonya Harding, and honestly, we are very intrigued!