The Giving Keys Wants You To Pay It Forward

There are very few things that are more fulfilling than helping others out. Whether that means volunteering for local organizations, donating to a charity, or just spreading encouragement to those around, offering up a little positivity and hope is one of the greatest things you can do. While The Giving Keys has always had the "pay it forward" model, they are taking things a step further. The Giving Keys has launched its "Buy One, Give One" campaign, and it's all about sharing the "wealth."

The Buy One, Give One campaign is a play on the standard "Buy One, Get One" business model, but when you buy a Giving Key, you'll get a second key to gift someone, so you can kick off the chain reaction of passing encouragement to those who need it.

The Giving Keys is a Pay It Forward company, the only of it's kind. Founded by Caitlin Crosby, the company has a goal of creating a ripple effect of kindness and person-to-person interactions. In a modern world of social media and the digital age, these sorts of interpersonal communication is more important than ever.

As part of the Pay It Forward movement, The Giving Keys is also working to engage people in the Pay It Forward process, moving towards International Pay It Forward Day on April 28. The Giving Keys is encouraging people to write quick, meaningful postcards and passing the message along to someone who needs it.

The simple act of paying it forward can lead to a huge impact.

Each key has an encouraging word or affirmation stamped into it.

When you meet someone who you feel needs the imprinted word, you are encouraged to give the key to them.

Eventually, they'll do the same for someone else!