Get Ready For A Brand-New Taylor Swift Music Video ASAP

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been nearly two months since Taylor Swift surprised everyone by announcing that her newest album, Reputation, would be coming out by the end of 2017. And now, there's only a few weeks to go until the highly-anticipated record is released on Nov. 10. Already, fans have gotten to hear two songs off Reputation, "Look What You Made Me Do" and "Ready For It," along with a music video for the former track. And as of late Thursday night, Swift has dropped a third track, called "Gorgeous" — so naturally, it's only a matter of time before the "Gorgeous" music video release date comes upon us.

Of course, there's no guarantee that we're even getting a music video to go along with the new song, but it definitely seems likely. For one thing, as said before, "Look What You Made Me Do" already got its own music video, and not just any music video; the four-minute clip has achieved nearly 600 million views, and inspired countless essays and thinkpieces about its meaning and mysterious references. And although "Ready For It" didn't get a music video, it still wouldn't be at all surprising if "Gorgeous" gets one anyway, since that's fairly common for singles, especially ones released by Swift.

Even more, there's actual proof that a music video is on its way, although it's not totally clear yet whether or not it's the video for "Gorgeous." Earlier in October, The Telegraph reported that Swift was spotted filming a video in different locations around London, possibly all places she'd visited with her rumored boyfriend, the English actor Joe Alwyn. No other information about that video has been released just yet, but it's certainly likely that it's going to be for "Gorgeous."

Even more, there's already a lyric video, above. As for when the actual video will come out, that's anyone guess, but one would think that it'd be pretty soon considering the album's upcoming release. It'd make sense for Swift to release the video as soon as possible, in order to give fans and critics plenty of time to react and form their theories. That way, there won't be any overlap between people's time responding to the music video and their time responding to Reputation when that album has its full release in November.

Now, if only we know what exactly a "Gorgeous" music video will look like. The song is an airy love song that could certainly go along well with a sweet, romantic music video, perhaps featuring Swift's reported real life love, Alwyn. Or perhaps there'll be a Tom Hiddleston lookalike starring in the clip, considering that several lines in "Gorgeous" seem to reference Swift's very famous ex and their short-lived relationship.

Whatever route Swift chooses to take for this upcoming music video, it's clear that she has plenty of options. And whatever she does choose, you know fans and critics alike will eat it up, as it's practically impossible for Swift to release a song or music video (or, let's be honest, even the smallest of teasers on Instagram or Twitter) without everyone obsessing over what it could possibly mean. For better or for worse, Swift knows exactly how to get people talking, and you gotta give her respect for that.

So hopefully, we'll get a "Gorgeous" music video soon, so the discussions over its meaning and references can begin. A new Taylor Swift album is on the horizon, and that means that the next few weeks (or months, really) will be absolutely filled with what feels like the entire population analyzing every word and image that Swift chooses to send our way. This video seriously can't come soon enough.