Attention, '90s Kids: The 'Hey Arnold' Trailer Hints Helga & Arnold May Finally End Up Together

If you've been waiting since the early '00s to find out what happened to Arnold and his pals, wait no more. On Friday, Nickelodeon released the Hey Arnold movie trailer at New York Comic-Con, as well as on BuzzFeed Entertainment's Facebook page. And finally, you may get to see your favorite '90s couple (that never actually got together) reunite. Of course, that's Helga and Arnold.

Sure, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie promises so much more than catching up on Helga and Arnold's will-they-or-won't-they? relationship. There's Arnold's journey to finally meet his parents, as well as his forever friendship with Gerald. But the fact that Helga and Arnold bump into one another on the street — and yes, she still has that chewing gum shrine in her bedroom — just seems like fate.

There's even a moment in the trailer where it looks like Helga almost is about to confess her love for her football-headed crush while they're on a boat, but then gets interrupted. Because, of course. And other obstacles must pop up along the way too, since Helga is seen throwing her heart-shaped Arnold locket in the water. But don't give up hope yet — if you've been shipping these two since the show began back in '94 (aka for the past two decades), now's not the time to let go of their love story.

Just like Helga and Arnold's saga, this movie has been a long time coming — after all, it's been more than a decade since the Nickelodeon show went off the air. And according to Newsweek, Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett told the Comic-Con crowd, "It makes me glad we waited. Even though it was painful." Luckily, that wait is only a teensy bit longer, since the Hey! Arnold movie is slated to premiere on Nickelodeon on Nov. 24.

And from the looks of the trailer, that's just under two minutes, the movie is packed with cameos that won't disappoint. You get to see Eugene, the beloved Klutz, who unfortunately has misfortune following him everywhere. There's the return of Grandma and Grandpa, along with Abner, their pet pig. On top of that, there's Stinky, Herold, Rhonda, Mr. Simmons, and Phoebe — and that's just the short list.

Speaking of Phoebe, it looks like she's got a love story of her own. In the trailer, Helga's bookish BFF is seen kissing Gerald on the cheek. If you're a loyal fan of the show, you know Phoebe's crush on Gerald has been a recurring part of the series, so their moment may be now. And can you imagine how sweet it'd be to see Phoebe and Gerald and Helga and Arnold finally all be together? It'd be two '90s kids' ships come true.

Whether or not the love story between Helga and Arnold actually falls into place, fans already have plenty of feelings on the matter.

Some Are Rooting For Them

It doesn't have to be that difficult, right?

Others Are Already Concerned

So. Many. Questions.

A Few Are Bracing Themselves For Disappointment

To be honest, a 0/10 sounds a little bit harsh.

For the record, loyal fans know that Helga confessed her love for Arnold in the original Hey Arnold! Movie. But then by the end, he played it off as something that didn't even happen. You can relive that heart-wrenching moment below.

As illustrated by the TV show's passionate fan base, here's hoping the Arnold and Helga love story gets the ending it deserves this time around. Otherwise, they may have to make another Hey Arnold! movie in the future (which, honestly, is more than welcome).