Here’s How To Get Four Amazing Memorial Day Freebies From Kat Von D Beauty

by Kali Borovic

Not all sales are created equal and this beauty brand knows it. Kat Von D Beauty is giving away four amazing freebies with every purchase of $75 or more for Memorial Day. You can't get the items anywhere else on the website, either. It's an exclusive deal that isn't sticking around for long, which makes it the perfect time to stock up on your favorite items.

According to the brand's website, Kat Von D created a Studded Kiss Crème Canvas Makeup Bag and a compact mirror for the long weekend's sale. Those two items, in addition to a Mini Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in Underage Red and Double Dare will also be up for grabs once you add $75 to your virtual cart.

While you can shop the lipsticks in full size on the website, you won't find the mirror or makeup bag anywhere else. The entire set isn't available anywhere, either. Basically, this deal was made for ultimate Kat Von D Beauty lovers who don't mess around when it comes to their KVD collecting.

That's the special thing about Kat Von D Beauty. Instead of just pumping products out, the brand puts a whole lot of thought into what it produces. It sticks to its word when it comes to limited edition products too. That means you can pretty much guarantee that this four-freebie set won't be back any time soon.

Although the brand did set a minimum purchase order to the website, there's no code that you need to remember to get the deal. Once you add at least $75 to your virtual cart, all four goodies will automatically add to your bag. There's also a bright red banner on the website home page, so you won't forget about the deal.

Basically, the brand wants you to have this deal as much as you also want it.

Of course, like all good things, this deal will eventually come to an end. According to the Kat Von D Beauty website, the freebies will only be added to your online purchase throughout Monday, May 28. The brand does not say whether that EST time, PST time, or good for wherever you're shopping from.

Just to be safe, you should stop what you're doing and get to the website right now. Because a deal like this doesn't come around very often. Although Kat Von D Beauty loves to give away things for holidays, it's never the same products twice.

How you chose to break up the shopping is completely up to you. You can snag four Tattoo Liners that can reportedly stay on during a car crash and hospital stay or stick to one major palette purchase. The brand's 10-Year Anniversary Collection, which includes limited edition packaging, is available on the website as well. Or you can opt for a few different shades of Studded Kiss Lipsticks. The choice is yours, my friend.

Every single item is a part of the deal — no limits and no exclusions. That's part of what makes Kat Von D Beauty sales so good. They simply are what they say they are. On top of products that you already know and love on the website, there is an entire sale section to choose from as well.

There's a set of two lippies available for $11, the Metal Crush Highlighter Palette for just over $20, and a set of eight liquid lipsticks for just $29. You can also snag the entire Everlasting Obsession Lip Liner Collectors Edition for a cool $140, as opposed to the original $200.

Bottom line: stop what you're doing and get to shopping. A deal this good won't last forever, and there's no telling if it will ever be back.