'The Kissing Booth' Author Wrote A New Rom-Com & We Want A Cast Reunion


When The Kissing Booth first premiered on Netflix in 2018, it quickly became a viral sensation. The film follows Elle (Joey King) a quirky teen who begins dating a high school senior with a bad reputation, Noah (Jacob Elordi), who just so happens to be her best friend's older brother. The film rocketed King and Elordi to fame and a sequel to the film soon went into production.

But the story behind the film is just as remarkable. The Kissing Booth was written Beth Reekles, who rose to publishing prominence as a teenager, when she leveraged her wildly successful Wattpad story (a digital publishing platform) into a three-book deal with Random House. In addition to The Kissing Booth and its sequel, Going the Distance, Reekles has published several other novels, including Out of Tune and Cwtch Me If You Can.

Now, Reekles has taken to Wattpad once again for her new series: Lockdown on London Lane. The series follows five stories of twenty-somethings through their week of quarantine, where romances are ignited, friendships are challenged, and new bonds are made.

Read on for an exclusive excerpt of Lockdown on London Lane's second installment, in which new couple Isla and Danny find themselves thrust together, 24/7, for the first time.

Excerpt from Lockdown on London Lane, exclusive to Bustle

I stride across the kitchen to throw the windows wide open. The fresh air feels glorious, especially when I think about how we can’t go outside, and I take a second to try to calm down and enjoy it, and stop feeling so angry at my boyfriend of one month.

I tell him, “I couldn’t even hear my workout video, for all the noise you’re making in here. Look, I gave it a shot, Danny, but this isn’t working out.”


“I’m a morning person. I’m an early bird! I like starting my day with a workout, not waiting till almost dinnertime to do it. I like getting up early and taking fifteen minutes to meditate when the sun’s coming up, and having a cup of tea out on my balcony before I start my day!”

Danny stares at me with those big, dark eyes, and his lovely long eyelashes, mouth hanging open, before bursting into laughter so suddenly that I jump back.


Catching his breath, he steps towards me, putting his hands on my arms. “Isla, honestly. This isn’t working out. I thought you were talking about us for a minute, not — not your workout schedule! Bloody hell. You scared the life out of me for a second there.”

All the pent-up anger I’ve been holding onto for the last few minutes (and, alright, since I started my workout this evening) suddenly rushes out of me, and I’m laughing too, brushing his hands away when he strokes some wispy hairs back from my face, drawing me towards him for a kiss.

“Don’t,” I say, still giggling. “Danny, I’m all gross and sweaty.”

“I don’t mind,” he murmurs, kissing all over my face and making me laugh again before his hands are around my waist and he draws me close, his lips on mine, and I can feel myself positively melting into him. I’d never gotten that feeling when I kissed a guy, before Danny. There was always too much tongue or bad breath or that one guy who didn’t so much as kiss as just suck on my upper lip. (Which, honestly, I’d tried to work past, because he was really hot and I’d met him through tennis and on paper we were a great match, but…)

Danny, though, takes my breath away.

Excerpt from Beth Reekles’ new Wattpad short story series, Lockdown on London Lane. New short stories will be posted each week on Wattpad.