The One Movie To Watch Before It Leaves Netflix In March

Netflix March 2020
Liz Minch

Let's be real: ever since you were a little kid, you wanted to be in an Olsen Twins movie. They always went on the most exciting adventures, filled with fabulous destinations, dreamy boys, and the occasional wacky villain. In the late '90s and early 2000s, the Olsen Twins were the ultimate vacation inspo, but for those of us who aren't able to actually hop on a plane, New York Minute is the one movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix in March. It's basically the epic New York City adventure that you always dreamed of a child (before realizing as an adult that the city is nothing like what the film made it seem).

In the 2004 film, 17-year-old sisters Jane (Ashley) and Roxy (Mary Kate) are identical twins (of course), but never see eye-to-eye. They must accompany each other to NYC for two totally separate missions — Jane is delivering a speech to try to land a prestigious college scholarship, while Roxy wants to sneak onto Simple Plan's music video set and give them demos for songs she's working on. Needless to say, the trip is chaotic from the start, and when they actually arrive in the city, it's shenanigan central. Think hotel break-ins, swanky limousine rides, and crowd surfing — all to escape from an evil kidnapper.

New York Minute is a significant film in the Olsen Twins canon for many reasons. It was the last movie that they starred in together, and Ashley's last film to date overall, and what an iconic one it was. It also was their first movie to be released in theaters since 1995's It Takes Two, which the twins filmed when they were just eight years old, so they truly went out with a bang. (It ended up being one of the lowest-grossing films to be wide-released in over 3000 theaters, but that's beside the point.)

The movie also featured many other stars that will make you do a double take. Everyone's Gilmore Girls crush Jared Padalecki played hunky love interest Trey, Schitt's Creek star Eugene Levy was truant officer Max Lomax, and Dr. Drew Pinsky portrayed the twins' loving father Dr. Ryan (yes, he was also a doctor). But most importantly, it reunited the Olsen Twins with their Full House dad Bob Saget, who made a cameo as himself. It was also the last time they'd reunite with him onscreen, as the twins declined to appear on Fuller House (much to the cast's chagrin).

Basically, New York Minute is a total classic for when you're feeling nostalgic or dreaming of your next trip, so make sure to relive your childhood before it leaves Netflix on March 30.