This New Fox Show Is Like 'Bachelor In Paradise,' But As A Competition


If you're a fan of ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, Fox has a new show for you to obsess over. Well, actually, it's an old show to obsess over, because the Paradise Hotel reality show is actually a reboot. The series originally premiered in 2003, but Fox is bringing it back with The Hills star Kristin Cavallari as host. And when the show returns Thursday, May 9, Paradise Hotel's 2019 cast is ready to find love and make money.

According to a press release, the show follows a group of single men and women as they check into a tropical resort. It airs three nights a week (like CBS' Big Brother does) and the cast will rotate out. As Cavallari says in a promo video for the show, the number one rule is "hook up or you're checking out." Essentially what that means is that, with 11 contestants, whoever is not in a budding romantic pair will be booted from the show and a new contestant will be brought in to shake things up. It's like musical chairs for dating.

Unlike a lot of dating shows, however, there's also a cash prize at the end. It's not clear exactly how that money is won, but presumably the last couple (or couples) standing will win. The Fox press release also says that the show will be interactive for fans who can use "social media to try and influence what happens onscreen, including helping to decide who stays and who goes."

Before you influence the game, though, you need to meet the players. Here's the 2019 cast of Paradise Hotel, per the show's Instagram stories introducing the cast and a video preview on YouTube.

Deiondra Sanders

She's NFL player Deion Sanders' daughter and you may also know her from BET's Games People Play series. Deiondra revealed in the promo video that she's there for the money, not necessarily for love. "I'm checking into this hotel for one thing only, to win that check," she said in the video.

Bobby Ray

Bobby is from St. Louis, Missouri and calls himself an "entrepreneur" and a "self-confessed dork" according to a Paradise Hotel sneak peek on Twitter. His Instagram shows he's an avid sports enthusiast who loves golf, skiing, hunting and more.

Brittany "Brie" Campbell

This hair stylist hails from San Diego, California.

Carlos Garcia

Carlos, like many reality TV stars on dating shows, is a personal trainer. The Paradise Hotel Twitter page says he's from Cuba and is a "mama's boy for life." In the video preview for the show, he confidently says, "God gave me the gift to please women. I'm here to take the ladies." Sure, OK.

Kendall Marie

Kendall is a model from L.A. whose Instagram bio reads, "Life is short, choose love while you're here." Perhaps she came on the show to actually find romance.

Tyler Berta

Tyler is a stock broker from Illinois, according to Twitter. His friends also apparently call him "Mr. Finesse," whatever that means.

Mariaelena Perez

Drew Hermann/FOX

Mariaelena is also a model. Her Instagram bio says she's done everything including fashion, editorial, print, lingerie, and commercials.

David Barta

David is a medical student from California, according to the above tweet.

Tatum Smith

This 23-year-old hails from Arizona, according to her Instagram.

Hans Wiener

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hans is a model from Utah, and he claims to be on the show for love rather than money. "I'm here to be swept off my feet," he said in the video promo. "Love is priceless."

Rosanna Cecconi

Rosanna might be a model as well considering how many of her Instagram pics are of her in glamorous locations wearing bikinis. Her Instagram bio also reveals she has a humorous side. "I laugh at my own jokes lol," it says.



She's only introduced in the YouTube promo, but not the show's Instagram stories. Perhaps that means she'll be a replacement contestant heading onto the show after someone gets kicked off. Kaitlin said in the video that she's "ready to meet new people and have fun," which is literally what this show is all about. She should be set.



Another potential latecomer contestant is Jair. He said in the video promo that he's ready to "fight to the last breath" although over the love or the money, it's not clear.

See all the single shenanigans go down with this cast starting May 9 on Fox.