This Quiz Could Help You Find The Fragrance You Were Born To Wear

by Kim Carpluk

Admittedly, I have a slight quiz addiction. Determine my Hogwarts House by analyzing the images of chewed dog togs I select? I'm in. Figure out my age by asking me to pick my favorite photo of a pizza? You bet. Naturally, when I heard about the Pinrose Scent Style Quiz, I knew I wanted in.

What better way to pick a signature scent than to partake in a quiz that claims to capture your essence? After all, scent is the closest linked sense to memory and emotion. So if you pick images that illicit a gut reaction, it stands to reason that the chosen scent will relate directly back to your personality — or at least that's what the good folks at Pinrose have concluded.

The quiz is on Pinrose's website, and it couldn't be easier to follow. Just pick your favorite picture from a pair of images like these:

And these:

And enter your birthday, because we all know astrology is very important (take it from a Scorpio).

Here are my very personal results:

I sniffed all the brand's scents to put the accuracy to the test. And I must say, the results are on point. First of all, anything called "Moonlight Gypsy" is very on brand for me. Second of all, the scent itself has Indonesian Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood and its base, which are truly my favorite notes. The scent itself is strong and hypnotic, just like my personality (I would like to believe). Even though they're vastly different, Pillowtalk Poet and Cuddle Punk are still scents I can see myself wearing on my more relaxed and playful days. They're equally as intoxicating as Moonlight Gypsy (which is a non-negotiable when it comes to fragrance for me), but they're softer and more playful.

Pinrose also provides a mood board, music clip, and other sensorial cues that help you determine if the scent is right for you. So if your more aural or gustatory, rather than visual, they still got you covered.

So if you're ready to reveal the real you and find your perfect scent, go ahead and take the quiz. In the meanwhile, I'll be bathing in a bottle of Moonlight Gypsy.