These Videos Prove Detective Pikachu Can Dance To Everything From "Old Town Road" To "Toxic"


The new Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu is now streaming on YouTube! Well, not quite. On Wednesday, May 8, Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds tweeted a video of what seemed to be the a leak of the entire film. “Um…. Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros,” Reynolds said, apparently alerting the studio to the leaked footage. But rather than a genuine leak, the link was actually just a video of Detective Pikachu dancing to a disco beat for over 100 minutes. Not to be left out of this adorable marketing strategy, the internet quickly started making their own Detective Pikachu dancing tweets, and these videos prove that the Pokémon can shake his tail off to anything.

The "leak" seems to have been a brilliant marketing strategy and a clever prank from an actor known for his amusing tendencies to troll. Though, honestly, if the entire movie only consisted of Pikachu getting groovy on the dance floor, fans would be just as entertained.

Of course, the best part of the prank was not the video itself, but the hilarious memes that followed on social media. Twitter users' natural reaction was to take the footage of Pikachu dancing and set it to random songs, from BTS and Halsey's hit single, to the best song from the soundtrack of A Star Is Born, to the theme songs of some of your favorite TV shows. No matter what song plays in the background, Pikachu's dance moves seem to fit perfectly, and they're very hard to stop watching. Get your fix below.


'A Star Is Born'

Someone just had to make Pikachu dance to Ally's most iconic song from A Star Is Born, didn't they? Why did you do that to us?


Pikachu Five-0

Nobody asked for this, but we couldn't be more thankful.


"Old Town Road"

Of course, this meme had to be set to the current number one song in the country. Pikachu is gonna ride 'till he can't no more.


Take On Pikachu

A-Ha's perennial hit "Take On Me" is @zigstripes will ever hear when they see Pikachu dancing, and it feels like a natural fit.


It's Pika, B*tch

Pikachu is anything but "Toxic," but him dancing to Britney Spears' iconic classic is the only thing I needed today.


Pika's Paradise

This Tupac and Pikachu combo is truly unexpected.


Pika Likes Big Butts & He Cannot Lie

Those other Pokémons can't deny.



Even Pikachu is getting in on the "Before I Let Go" challenge! Will he be the next star on Beyoncé's Instagram story?



It would be better if Pikachu was actually doing the "YMCA" dance moves, but this will definitely do.


Pikachu Found A Way

It's gonna take some time to realize... that Pikachu is probably a better dancer than you.


Pika With Luv

Oh my my my! Pikachu might be able to pull off the "Boy With Luv" choreography almost as well as BTS.


Pika's Got The Juice

It ain't Pika's fault that he's out here getting loose, gotta blame it on his juice. Ya ya ee!


Pika No. 5

After you watch this one, there will be nothing in your head but "A little bit of Pikachu in my life." You're welcome.


Let's Groove Tonight

Does Detective Pikachu include the fluffy, yellow creature time-travelling back to the '70s? Find out on May 10.


Pika's Roman Holiday

I'm not entirely sure why Pikachu is dancing to Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday" set at hyperspeed, but why not?


Key And Pikachu?

The person that discovered the connection between Pikachu's dance moves and this amazing Key and Peele sketch deserves some major props.


"Cease & Desist"

Jordan Peele himself responded to the clip, calling upon Pikachu to "cease and desist." Something tells me, the Pokémon isn't going to listen, but, hey, it was worth a shot!

At this point, it really looks like nothing is going to stop Detective Pikachu from dancing to his heart's content, and, really, who are we to stop him?