You Can Now Buy Muddy Jeans For $425

by Kali Borovic

Jeans are a classic clothing staple in just about everyone's wardrobe, but apparently people are getting sick of your basic, blue denim. Adding to the latest list of clothing items that will confuse you, the brand PRPS is selling already muddy jeans for $425. While it might be an easy way to nail the rugged trend, buying pre-dirtied jeans for such a high price tag might not be for everyone.

Clothing designers have been going above and beyond lately to re-vamp classic denim. First came clear-knee bottoms, then came a completely see-through design, and now there are jeans that actually come dirty. The pants, designed by PRPS, are your typical denim, but with a print that looks like mud on them. No matter how much you wash them, the dirt is there to stay. Maybe I'm just not trendy enough to see the beauty in these pants.

They might look like they were left just pulled out of mud-wrestling pit, but they'll cost you a pretty penny. Like I said before, the rugged look will set you back $425. But there is currently free shipping on the PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans, so there's that. Of course, you could always get a pair from a thrift store and roll in the mud all day. Way more fun and apparently just as trendy.

PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans, $425,

I'm not the only one who thinks this trend is a little ridiculous. Twitter reactions prove that these might not be flying off the virtual shelves anytime soon.

Turns out it's dirt cheap to get this look!

Hm, not a bad business idea.

Is that still trendy?

Welcome to the fashion business, my friends.

Like I said, way more fun!

There's no telling what jean trends will be next.