These Coffee-Infused Lip Tints Are Like A Shot Of Espresso For Your Lips

If you just can't get enough coffee and find yourself craving lattes (or Americanos) all day long, consider this beauty product your new afternoon pick-me-up. Australian beauty brand frank body has created two lip tints that'll leave your pout feeling perky, hydrated, and super smooth.

You're probably familiar with frank body or have at least seen their product slathered all over people's faces and bodies on social media. The natural, caffeinated, and cruelty-free brand first hit the beauty scene with their "original" coffee body scrubs in 2013 and became hugely successful, thanks to Instagram. Since then, they've created moisturizers, body creams, and lip scrubs, all made with their signature ingredient: Arabica coffee seed oil.

Their Original Lip Balm formula, made with the coffee oil, and other ingredients like vitamin E, lanolin, and coconut and grapeseed oils, is one of their best-sellers. It was only a matter of time that frank body would decide to harness the goodness of their lip balm formula, add some color to it, and create something their natural beauty-loving customers could use to add a pop of color to their everyday looks.

Frank body's new lip tints — which will be available for purchase on Oct. 19 — come in two shades.

"Send Nudes"

Send Nudes, $11.95,

First, "Send Nudes," a classic nude that'll give lips a soft, dewy, rosy finish.

According to frank body, "Send Nudes" looks "like somethin' but almost nothin'." You can also use it on your eyes and cheeks to give it a rosy, natural hue.

"Cherry Bomb"

Cherry Bomb, $11.95,

The second is "Cherry Bomb," a buildable, cherry red shade.

The pinky-red hue can be smudged on lips, cheeks, and eyelids also for a deeper (but still sexy) flushed look.

The lip tints are created with the signature Arabica Seed Oil (to wake up your lip), Safflower Oil (to soothe), coconut oil (to soften and smooth) and lanolin (to hydrate).

The product goes on super smooth and absorbs into your lips pretty much immediately (in large part thanks to its oil components) unlike other lip balms that are thicker in texture and made mostly with wax or petroleum. Because of the Arabica oil, your lips really do feel perkier and fuller. It also really does deliver on color. You can see a visible tint upon application, but nothing too dramatic — just a natural-looking pigmentation, like you just ate a lollipop or gave someone a big kiss.

The scents differ for each. "Send Nudes" has a strong coffee scent, almost like coffee ice cream. "Cherry Bomb" on the other hand, smells like cherry candy. But both are subtle and not super overwhelming, like a flavored Lip Smackers.

The Lip Trio Kit

Lip Trio Kit, $29.95,

You can purchase "Send Nudes" and "Cherry Bomb" separately, or along with frank body's Original Lip Balm as a three-piece set for $29.95. They are all available for purchase on

The Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo

Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo, $16.95,

If you want to take extra measures to make sure your lips are full and soft (especially before you apply the lip tints) frank body also makes a lip scrub made with all kinds of coffee and raw sugar to buff away dead, chapped skin and boost circulation and collagen production in your pout. It smells like coffee candy, in the best way possible, and you might be tempted to eat it (which is fine, since all of the ingredients are natural).

These ultra-hydrating lip tints are the perfect way to soothe your pout while also giving it a subtle flush. But buyer beware: just like coffee, you might find yourself slightly addicted to these new products. You've been warned.