These 'Game Of Thrones' Dragon Theories From Reddit Suggest The Return Of A Fallen Friend


Game of Thrones features a lot of violence, politics, and sex, making it similar to a great deal of other shows on television. What Game of Thrones does have that most shows don't is a giant dragon, and GoT fans are expecting there to be at least one more big twist before the series comes to an end. Some Game of Thrones dragon-related reddit theories suggest that there's going to be a major dragon moment coming in the series' penultimate episode, but with only one of Dany's dragon left living and not much time left to try and find or raise a new one, what could Game of Thrones possibly have in store?

The crux of most of these theories is that in the promo for the show's fifth episode, Euron is seem looking up at something over his ship that seems to inspire some mixture of awe and fear. Considering Euron has seen and killed a dragon before it's doubtful that he's filled with the same wonder or terror that most of the other characters feel upon seeing one of Dany's beasts.

Fans suspect that there's something unique about the dragon that Euron sees in Episode 5 — assuming it's a dragon he's even looking at.

Drogon Is Going To Armor Up

For a country that hasn't had to deal with dragons in decades, Westeros has quickly found a way to eliminate the dragon threat — Big sticks with pointy ends. The Night King had his ice javelin and Euron had his harpoon — So reddit user MissusMcFeely suggests that Euron will bear witness to an armored Dragon, thus nullifying Westeros' most effective dragon disposal method. When will someone make the armor? How will they get the armor on Drogon? With only two episodes left, Game Of Thrones probably won't get too lost in the weeds about the practicality behind the spectacle.

Surprise! More Dragons!

Reddit user AdmiralAkbarZ suggests that Drogon laid some eggs while in Valyria and that a fleet of baby dragons could come looking for their parent. One baby dragon is no match for the Iron Fleet, but a couple dozen of hard-to-hit dragons could be a formidable force.

Bran's Going To Warg Into Rhaegal

There's still two episodes left for Bran to become the Night King, and reddit user sypnosis suggests that Bran may use a Night King-like method to get some more firepower out of Rhaegal. Rhaegal may be at the bottom of the Blackwater Bay with an harpoon through his neck, but if Bran can warg into Rhaegal — much as the Night King could seemingly control the wights and the undead Viserion — than Euron may have to try and kill the same dragon all over again.

While there are a few more dragon theories floating around, a lot of them don't hold up now that Rhaegal is dead. Unless a fleet of Red Priests with scuba gear can bring Rhaegal back to life, it's doubtful that Jon and Dany will end the series by fighting each other on dragonback. Game of Thrones will have plenty of politics and war in its final episodes, but it's be a real bummer if the show doesn't deliver what no other show on television can — one last magical dragon moment that shocks and surprises.