9 Last-Minute 'Bachelor' Halloween Costumes That Will Win You All The Roses


Halloween is literally right around the corner, but it's OK if you don't know what you want to be yet. Still, with just over a week left to decide, it's time for people to commit to a costume, and, if you enjoy the fine art of rose-giving and group dates, you might want to pick one of these easy, last-minute Bachelor halloween costumes. When I say last-minute, I truly mean it. Most things can be ordered on Amazon (bless the two-day shipping) and a lot of them can be made with just a printer and some tape (that's where the "easy" comes in). But, that doesn't mean that the ideas are as cheap as the costumes will be.

Whether you're a pun-lover, just want to use stuff you already have lying around, or have always wanted to buy SugarBearHair vitamins — this is your excuse to not go all out for Halloween and still have a pretty creative costume. Your fellow Bachelor fan friends will be so jealous they didn't think of these. Or, maybe they'll want to join you for costume number eight. Either way, you'll deserve all the roses if you go with one of these.

1. Bachelor Nick Viall & His Giant Fantasy Suite Turtleneck

Still have your oversized sweater from when you were "Hotline Bling" Drake? Great! But, if not, you can snag this $25 one on Amazon.

Gray Turtleneck, $25, Amazon

Then, just wear the neck, like, right under your chin and talk about how handing out roses is really hard, guys.

2. The #Spon Con Queen

You know which brands the Bachelor stars are known for promoting. The ones below and so much more, like the newly circulating MVMT watches and the Hello Fresh box. Collect a few of them, tape or glue gun them to a sweatshirt or carry them around.


SugarBearHair Vitamins $31, Amazon | FabFitFun Box $49 | Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit $35 | Diff Eyewear Glasses, $85, DIFF

Then, print out a coupon to tape on your back that says, "Use code YOURNAME10 for 10 percent off at checkout." If you don't want to any of these products, just print out pictures of them and tape them to a shirt.

3. The Right Reasons

Take this overused phrase literally by using fabric tape to mark out the below design on a shirt. Or, just print this out and tape it on.

Fabric Tape, $6, Amazon

4. Scallop Fingers

Honor Christen's Bachelor in Paradise nickname with this super easy costume. Just take scallops, put them on your fingers, and hope your friends won't turn on you like Christen's did. (Also, I hope this goes without saying, but don't eat them after they've been sitting out on your hands all day.)

5. Alexis The Shark

Shark Onesie, $84, Tipsy Elves

First thing's first: Alexis is a shark, not a dolphin. Dolphins don't have gills, and her costume does. But, you can still channel your inner Alexis Waters (perfect name) in one easy outfit with this $84 shark onesie from Tipsy Elves.

6. Bachelor In Paradise Dean

Bachelorette fan darling Dean became public enemy number one during his Bachelor in Paradise stint because he couldn't decide whether he wanted to date Danielle L. or Kristina and ended up hurting them both. Make Oct. 31 Hallodean by dressing up like his inability to make decisions.


Flip Flops, $10, Amazon

Use a glue gun to attach some $10 flip flops from Amazon to a shirt or sweatshirt. Then, print out some photos of Kristina and Danielle L. and tape those on as well. Garnish with a printed-out photo of Dean to use as a mask (just cut eye and mouth holes).


7. A Classic Bachelor Nation Fake Job Title

Every season has one (or several): The Dog Lover, Chicken Enthusiast, Panstapreneur. Pick something you love and add "expert" or "enthusiast" or "entrepreneur" to the end. Then, using the above photo for inspiration, print out your Bachelor name tag complete with your job, name, age, and hometown. Put the tag around your neck and carry a rose around. For what it's worth: My Bachelor job title would be something like Top Ramen Expert or Taco Bell Enthusiast. I would say Pizza Entrepreneur, but a real contestant already did that.

8. A Group Date

Have a group of friends dress similarly to you. So, if you wanna do an athletic group date like Nick's track meet or Rachel's parenting skills relay race, you can all wear gym clothes. Or, you can stick with formal wear. Either way, talk a lot about right reasons and roses throughout the night. Bump it up a notch by bringing a guy in a suit with you as your Bachelor.

9. Chris Harrison — Bachelor In Paradise Style

Anyone can go as your typical Bachelor host — suit, tie, rose platter. Mix things up a bit and go as the Chris Harrison that Chad accused him of being: one who wears robes and drinks mimosas — weird insult, I know. Pick up this $17 robe from Amazon, pair it with a mimosa-filled champagne glass (get a set of plastic ones on Amazon for $10), and carry a rose for good measure. You'll be comfy and you'll get to drink. It's a win win.

Robe, $17, Amazon | Plastic Champaign Flutes, $10, Amazon

Picking a Bachelor costume for Halloween is a great way to keep your love for the show going even in the offseason. Then before you know it, Januarie will be here and you will get a whole new season of costume inspo for next year.