Eric Trump's Instagram Shows He Doesn't Agree With His Dad On Everything

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There's a lot about President Donald Trump's third child and middle son that most people don't know. After all, Eric simply doesn't get the press coverage that his older siblings Don Jr. and Ivanka get, there's no speculation about him like there is about his younger half-sister Tiffany, and of course he doesn't live with his father, like youngest Trump son Barron does. Although the middle Trump son does live a public life, there's still a lot that you can learn about him by looking through Eric Trump's Instagram photos.

There's a lot on Eric Trump's Instagram that you'd probably expect to see just based on his public persona. For example, he has plenty of posts that support his dad's 2016 campaign and artistic pictures of various Trump golf courses — after all, he is now an Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, along with his brother Donald Trump Jr.

However, Eric's Instagram feed also makes it clear that he disagrees with father on at least one major topic: Eric is a dog person. As KSAT News reported, Eric and his wife Lara Trump adopted Ben, a street dog from San Antonio, to join their other dog, Charlie. Now, the two beagles frequently grace Eric's Instagram — a sight you rarely see on any of the other Trump social media pages.


A Dog Guy From The Beginning

"Glad I didn't disturb their Sunday nap," Eric wrote as the caption to this post from 2014, well before his father started running for office. Apparently, animal welfare — and rescue dogs specifically — has been a longtime interest of his.


Charlie, The First Beagle

Before they adopted Ben, Eric and Lara Trump had Charlie.


A Frequent Instagram Presence

Before Eric's father entered politics, many more of his Instagram posts were Charlie-focused, like this beach shot from 2013.


Charlie Visited The White House

In April 2016, Eric and Lara took Charlie on a swing by the White House.


Ben Enters The Picture

In his first post with Ben the rescue dog in September 2016, Eric used the hashtags #rescuedogsrock, referring to the organization through which they adopted Ben, and #adoptdontshop.


A Southern, Canine Christmas

Soon after the 2016 election, Eric sent a family Christmas greeting from the North Carolina coast.


A White House Visit

Ben and Charlie got a White House tour at the 2017 Easter Egg Roll, and then a photo with Fox and Friends' Ainsley Earhardt.


The Dog & The Baby

After Eric and Lara had their son in September 2017, Ben was evidently very into the new member of the family.


A Group Of Sleepers

Really, who has babies and dogs and hasn't posted a picture like this one?


Ben & Luke Have Stayed Close

The baby-dog bond is a strong one in the Trump family, as this re-post from Lara Trump's Instagram shows.


The Whole Family

Everyone got together for a shot at Thanksgiving 2017.


Eric & His Pack

These days, most of Eric's Instagram posts are political or business-related in one way or another. But in the family pictures that he does post, Ben and Charlie still make frequent appearances. Clearly, the dogs are truly a part of his family — something that many Americans can relate to.

President Trump, of course, doesn't have a White House pet, the first president in 130 years not to do so, according to the Independent. According to People, he looks down on Vice President Mike Pence's family pets.

Eric Trump may share his looks and politics with his father, but he doesn't share the president's feelings on man's best friend.