These 'GoT' Plot Holes About The Battle Of Winterfell Will Make You Question Everything

Helen Sloan/HBO

The Battle of Winterfell was hyped up a lot prior to the episode's release. But even though the actual battle mostly lived up to all the anticipation, there were a couple Game Of Thrones plot holes in the Battle of Winterfell that fans have spotted since that totally change the episode. And both have to do with the strength and power of wights.

The first plot hole, as highlighted by Cosmopolitan, involved Viserion, Daenerys' dragon that was killed in Season 7 and is now an undead wight dragon. As Jon heads back inside to chase after the Night King, he's targeted by Viserion again, and this is where the plot hole comes in. When he's running from the undead dragon and its blue fire, the fire isn't doing what it usually does. As pointed out by user napoleonsbutt on Reddit, the fire doesn't make a dent in the collapsed walls Jon is hiding behind. "When you realize [sic] that a pile of rubble is holding strong against Ice Dragon fire after it obliterated the Walls of Winterfell just minutes earlier," the user napoleonsbutt pointed out on Reddit.

Fans have seen the destruction dragon fire can do, specifically the destruction that Viserion can do. It took down a whole section of the wall in the North, which is how the army of wights were able to just pass through heading south towards Winterfell. While you could argue that it's a wall that presumably looks to be of ice, whereas Winterfell is stone, that ice is still thick and strong. Yes, it took a few passes to destroy the Wall, but when Viserion came up against the beaten walls of Winterfell Jon was hiding behind, he should have easily been able to destroy it. Some of the commenters underneath the Reddit post said that the earlier fight with its siblings had really taken too much of a toll on Viserion, but fire is still fire.

The second plot hole spotted by fans has to do with the bodies in the crypt that the Night King turned into wights mid-battle. As everyone had already guessed was going to happen, the bodies of the Starks long dead came back to life and easily broke out of their sealed places of rest to wreak havoc on the vulnerable members of the North that were down there.

As the Reddit user hounddog1995 wrote, the wights were "unable to break through a wood crate, but can easily smash through stone in a crypt." This is referring back to when Jon snatched up a wight from the North to bring to Cersei in the hopes of gaining her support in the North's fight against them. The wight was kept in a sturdy box made of wood, and was never able to break free until let out. However, the bodies in the crypt were encased in stone tombs, yet they smashed out of them as if they were made from paper mache.

Westeros is a magical world with little to no rules when it comes to reality, physics, and the like. Could it be possible that the Night King revived the dead in the crypt with more power than originally given to the other wights? Sure, but that's never established, so it's unclear. Could the strength of a dragons' fire coincide with their health levels? Maybe, but again it hasn't been expressed as canon in the show. It's likely that none of these plot holes will be addressed, which will make for some frustrating rewatches. But then, maybe fans should just be happy Jon, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion, and others were able to survive, with or without the help of plot holes.