These Tweets Are One Last Ode To President Obama


We all knew it had to end sometime, but tonight, as President Barack Obama gave his final address as America's sitting president, it really sunk in that the man who lead our country for much of our millennial lives is leaving office in less than two weeks. As expected, social media users have quite a lot of feelings about Obama's departure and the address that precedes it, and these memes and tweets about Obama's farewell speech show that, hate him or love him, our outgoing president sure gets people talking.

Before Obama even took the stage, Twitter was already abuzz under the #ObamaFarewell hashtag, where mostly well-wishers tweeted their memories about the president, their thanks for his history-making reign, and their sadness at the end of his term. Some were tweeting from inside the convention center where the address was held, while others used it as an opportunity to brag one last time about the hippest president of all time. There were also, of course, many to the right of the president and his party who capitalized on the trending hashtag to share their opinions about Obama and his presidential tenure.

As emotional as everyone on both political poles got during Obama's final address, it certainly made for excellent social media consumption. Below are some of the best tweets and memes from Obama's farewell.

The Moment It Finally Sank In

Maybe if we say "there's no place like home" and tap our heels three times, the constitution will magically change and allow for a third term!

It feels surreal to everyone, but this really is the end of an era.

When He Took Credit Where Credit Was Due

You know he brushed the dirt off his shoulder to the tune of his buddy JAY-Z's classic track.

The "Four More Years" Was Too Bittersweet

Trying not to tear up while watching that outburst of sadness and passion from the crowd was difficult.

The Joe Biden Meme That Rules Them All

Biden's love for Obama knows no bounds.

The Truth Hurts

The legacy of Obama's presidency might just be how harshly he was treated by the GOP.

Watching this speech, it's hard not to agree with this sentiment.

When Even The President Can't Keep From Weeping

Has there ever been anything more poignant than watching the president and his family cry publicly at the joy, pride, and bittersweet sadness of this moment?

Obama's term might be almost over, but we'll always have the memes that it produced and the tears he made us shed.