This Hot Pink Peel-Off Mask Will Make You Feel Like Barbie

Long gone are the nostalgic days of "ugly" green face masks, which people would pair with fluffy bathrobes, rundown slippers, and the biggest hair rollers known to man (at least according to movies). Cold creams are no longer alarming shades, especially now that Boscia is launching a hot pink face mask. And the skin treatment is totally Insta worthy.

The luminizing pink mask is meant to boost your skin's clarity while minimizing the appearance of your pores. It also happens to come in photo-ready pink. And it's so true: You know if you post a selfie while wearing this on IG, the hearts will come floating in. Who can resist something this cheerfully pink?

The mask will absorb any excess oil, thanks to the charcoal powder, and leave you with a glowing complexion because of Vitamin C. The playful mask is in collaboration with Valley Cruise Press, which makes sense because the brand creates quirky and fun pins and clothes.

This new mask is not available in stores or Sephora yet, but you can buy it on the Sephora App right now. All you need to do is hop on your phone and click purchase. It will set you back $34, so it's definitely in the "treat" territory.

Face masks have undoubtedly grown in popularity in recent years, morphing into something more spectacular than green, tacky goo. With so many different iterations come out monthly, beauty lovers often scramble to keep up. People now share face mask selfies on Instagram, gift them as luxury gifts, and put them on without shame. And why would you be embarrassed when they come in so many fun new styles and colors?

There's the glitter face mask that turns you into a magical unicorn, a bubbling mask that makes you look like a fluffy cloud, and fun sheet masks that turn you into different animals or fruits. And now Boscia is joining the game with their hot pink peel off mask.

Before bringing the Barbie pink shade to our mirror cabinets, Boscia was the brand that launched the intriguing Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser. The tag line read, "Cleanse it all with this jelly-textured ball." The product is just what it sounds like: A jelly-textured charcoal cleanser that you use to massage your face while you lather.

Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser, $20, Sephora

This brand is no stranger to innovative products, which is why this hot pink mask is a welcomed addition to their lineup. Boscia is even releasing a Pink Jelly Ball Cleanser in addition to the vibrant mask.

If you're curious to see what else the brand has to offer, here are some of their fan favorites.


MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil, $10, Boscia

Not only does it have a fun name, but it melts away your makeup without leaving any oily residue.


Charcoal Pore Pudding

Charcoal Pore Pudding, $38, Boscia

Powered by black and white charcoal, the two ingredients work together to minimize the appearance of pores while also balancing your skin.


Exfoliating Peel Gel

Exfoliating Peel Gel, $34, Boscia

This is a peeling gel that goes a little further than your weekly scrub. It peels away your outer layer of dead skin, and is also a chemical peel that penetrates deeper for in-depth exfoliation.


Baby Soft Foot Peel

Baby Soft Foot Peel, $20, Boscia

Get your feet super smooth with the help of this foot peel. It's formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and fruit extracts, which are natural exfoliants and will help reveal your best feet yet.

Whether you stock up on some of these intriguing beauty products or just stick to the pink theme, your beauty vanity will thank you.