This Soap Looks Like Real Food & It'll Totally Fool You

If you love food so much you think you could almost bathe in a tub of french fries and ice cream, then you definitely need LoveLeeSoaps in your life. PopSugar discovered the Daytona Beach, Florida-based Etsy store, and the artist designs soaps that are shaped exactly like everyone's favorite noms. And they're crazy realistic.

From cookies to candy to onion rings, LoveLeeSoaps is almost like getting to eat your favorite food in the bath or shower — which, let's be real, would be immensely satisfying. Of course, as irresistible as they look, the soaps aren't actually edible, so you may want to taste with the eyes here (and have a back-up food to reach for when your mouth inevitably starts watering).

LoveLeeSoaps also makes body butters and non-food item soaps, like rubber duckies, lipstick and nail polishes, and "chill pills" (which would be a pretty great addition to a relaxation care package). You can also request custom orders if your favorite knick knack or snack isn't represented yet.

Here are nine of the most realistic food-shaped soaps from the Etsy store (they're also sold on a separate LoveLeeSoaps website). Fair warning: You might be torn between fierce cravings for a donut, chicken nuggets, or Pop Tarts after this.

1. Donut Soap

Donut Soap, $6, Etsy

Resist the urge to try just one of these insanely realistic sprinkles.

2. Chicken Nuggets Soap Set

Chicken Nuggets Soap Set, $6, Etsy

If chicken nuggets are your first love, these mini soaps are for you.

3. Mini Cinnamon Roll Soaps

Mini Cinnamon Roll Soaps, $6, Etsy

You can almost smell these gooey cinnamon rolls baking with just a glance.

4. Popcorn Soap

Popcorn Soap, $6, Etsy

Movie night and spa night go hand-in-hand with this popcorn soap.

5. Toaster Pastry Soap

Toaster Pastry Soap, $6, Etsy

Not recommended for use in actual toaster ovens.

6. Macaroni and Cheese Soap

Macaroni and Cheese Soap, $7, Etsy

This mac and cheese soap is actually lemon-scented, but it'd probably be great Kraft-scented, too.

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Soap

Ice Cream Sandwich Soap, $7, Etsy

These ice cream sammie soaps look like sweet summertime all year long.

8. Hot Dog Soap

Hot Dog Soap, $10, Etsy

OK, there's something that just feels so wrong about rubbing a hot dog all over your body. But maybe that makes this the perfect gag gift.

9. Sugar Cookie Soap Set

Sugar Cookie Soap Set, $6, Etsy

Looks like a sugar cookie, smells like a sugar cookie, tastes like a sugar cookie? (Well, not that last one.)