A Bakery Made A Cake That Looks Like Fenty Beauty Products & TBH It's Pretty Incredible

Ever since its release, not a day goes by that Rihanna's Fenty Beauty doesn't make headlines. It's usually chatter centered on upcoming products and the fact that the brand breaks industry barriers. But this time Rihanna's company has crossed over into food territory. A bakery created a Fenty Beauty inspired cake that's riling beauty lovers with a mean sweet tooth, and it's a culinary masterpiece that can't be ignored.

Fenty Beauty has some mega accomplishments under its belt. The cosmetics company had a beauty launch focused on women of color that really showed up their competition. Then, the beauty sphere lost its marbles when nearly every WOC-friendly Fenty Beauty foundation shade sold out. So, it's damn-near impossible to go a day without hearing about Rihanna's business venture.

There's even a scrumptious-looking Fenty Beauty confection going viral now, the icing on the cake of a thrilling past few months for the brand— literally and figuratively speaking, of course. Malaysian bakers Farah Melissa and Satira Diana, founders of artisan bakery KEK & Co, created a Fenty Beauty treat that could make the mouths of beauty enthusiasts and desert lovers water.

We're talking a heavenly masterpiece with such an exquisite design, featuring all of the highlighter, universal gloss, and foundation fixings.

A bite out of this beauty wouldn't be your average piece of desert. This is definitely one "cake, cake, cake" Rihanna would be proud to put her name on.

Featuring staples from Fenty Beauty's massive collection that made the brand famous, the cakes design is so realistic. The confection manages to capture the sparking nature of every Fenty Beauty product. Against a muted gray base with silvery embellishments springing from the top, the Fenty makeup stands out beautifully against its background.

There's just no looking away from this kind of edible art. Crafting a hexagonal compact out of sugar and getting cake to glimmer ever so slightly seems like it's no joke.

In case you didn't know, the bakery's Insta-bio reveals that "kek" means "cake". Known as the KEK Girls— hence, "cake" girls— the founders of the bakery are clearly master pastry chefs. With over 85K followers on Instagram, the baking duo is used to accumulating at least 1,000 likes easily on a single, drool-worthy post.

But the snap of the Fenty Beauty inspired cake is definitely getting some major attention, compared to previous posts. The beauty-food porn has over 3,500k likes and counting.

It doesn't matter if you're a beauty connoisseur or a lover of all things sweet, this is a cake anyone could appreciate. It's obvious that the KEK Girls put a ton of effort and creativity into crafting the perfect pastry.If this Rihanna inspired cake isn't proof they have amazing skills, their mouth-watering feed of other treats will show just how well the culinary artists have perfected their craft.

This white number is absolutely gorgeous, feating minute, texturized details and the prettiest 3D floral embellishments. It's definitely wedding-ready!

How about this Havana Nights themed treat? The attention to detail is truly immaculate.

There's something adorable, yet elegant, about every cake design the duo constructs, no matter how grand or small.

Proof that the Fenty Beauty cake wasn't the only time the KEK Girls were influenced by Rihanna, this Halloween-themed pastry was posted with the caption, "Witch better have my candy". Yep, it's definitely channeling vibes from Rihanna's famous "BBHMM" single.

Still, that Fenty Beauty cosmetic confection takes the cake for best Rihanna inspired treat. It had the highly-coveted "Trophy Wife" Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter on it for crying out loud. Surrounding by a hoard of glitzy Fenty Beauty merch, like the Gloss Bomb lippie and the Pro Filt'r Foundation that sent the internet into a frenzy, this is a cake straight out of a beauty lover's dreams.