These Videos Of Lush Bath Bombs Being Perfectly Chopped Up Are So Satisfying

"Professional LUSH Enthusiast" is a title many Lushies can proudly adopt. The brand and its quality offerings have engendered that sort of loyalty and Lushies have proven disciple-like in their devotion to bath bombs, lotion bars, and more. But one LUSH lover might've just taken it too far. Instagrammer therosequeenn chops up LUSH products for fun, and posts hundreds of videos of the demolition process.

Therosequeenn's real name is Andrea, a 19-year-old who lives in the United States. The Insta videos of her taking knives to Bubble Bars and neatly cutting them into slices, like apples or cake, is both oddly and wholly satisfying.

Be prepared to spend hours glued to her Insta feed, soaking up footage of her slicing through and using products. It's a fully sensory experience, from the click of her knife against the countertop, to the depth of the slices, to the curve of her extra-long oval nails. She makes neat, measured cuts, starting out length-wise and then going width-wise, finishing off her handiwork by packing the disassembled Bubble Bar into a sieve and running it under the faucet.

While some Lushies might consider therosequeenn's actions akin to Bubble Bar blasphemy, it's exhilirating to watch someone else's methods and usage tips.

Let's watch her dismantle a Bubble Bar, which is softer and easier to cut through than a Bath Bomb, from start to finish.

Even the sound of the blade making contact with the product sounds delish and relaxing. This is ASMR for sure.

There is something so soothing about seeing a Bubble Bar julienned by therosequeenn. It's left reduced to beautiful and yummy-smelling bits and pieces.

The end result is the same as if she just dropped the intact bar into the bath — it's perfumed, colorful water and a bath time wonderland. We're not the only ones that can't look away from therosequeenn's short 'n' sweet LUSH videos. Her clips are getting north of 16,000 views, which is a testament to the gratifying vibe of her footage.

Here's another Bubble Bar on the chopping block. Notice how the product matches her mani. Is that an accident? We'll never know, but it's visually consistent and pleasing to the ear and the eye.

You can see how lovingly she handles the Bubble Bar. Her gentle slice-and-dice technique should squash any hesitation viewers might feel about destroying such a revered, skin-loving product. It's highly doubtful the hacking up the product decreases its effectiveness, after all.

If anything, these videos will leave you in a wistful, daydream state, thinking about your next date with a LUSH Bubble Bar or Bath Bomb. Or perhaps they will inspire you to hit your local LUSH boutique this afternoon to stock up on some items that you may or not plan to chop into itty bitty pieces before using.

If you are indifferent to the slicing videos, therosequeenn posts tons of images and videos of other LUSH products, like the ever-popular Bath Bombs. She releases them gingerly into her tub and films they fizzing and buzzing about. These snippets are also incredibly relaxing to watch.

If anything, this Insta account demonstrates an artisan usage of LUSH products. Check out how gently she places this adorbs Bubble Bar into the tub. It's done with complete love and care.

If you have a super busy day, diving into therosequeenn's Instagram feed will be a time suck. Trust me, you won't be able to look away. However, if your schedule won't allow you to escape for a tranquil, spa-like bath experience, you can take a few minutes to scroll through these videos and achieve a sense of relaxation.