A Brand New Acting Podcast Is On The Way & There's *So* Much British Talent Involved

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If you're into into the arts and are inspired by the storytelling power of actors then I have just the thing for you. And if you enjoy immersing yourself in the theatre but don't have time to go as often as you would like then, seriously, keep reading. The Mono Box's new Speech Share podcast kicks off very soon and it's everything your inner thespian ever dreamed of.

If you aren't yet familiar with The Mono Box, then I have all the info you need. They describe themselves as "a collaborative, not-for-profit network that caters for actors and theatre-makers seeking alternative, affordable training." They are also "committed to empowering actors by opening the door to what can seem like a daunting industry."

The Speech Share podcast is an extension of Mono Box's The Speech Surgery, a monthly Q&A event with theatre professionals where budding actors can present a monologue or speech, perhaps one they intend to take to an audition. The new podcast, however, is intended to reach beyond those who are able to attend the workshops, to the wider world. As of yet the podcast's launch date is yet to be confirmed. But when it arrives, each episode will be 30 minutes long making it perfect for you to squeeze in on your commute. In it top industry professionals will discuss their favourite productions, share how they got into acting, and give some expert advice for those wishing to do the same. And oh, the best part is each guest will perform their favourite monologues. Pretty epic, right?

Helen Murray

The shows will give listeners a unique insight into the journey of each actor. Want to hear Sir Derek Jacobi perform a monologue as you sit on the train into work? Well, here's your chance because Sir Derek is just one of the stars in the first season of the podcast. Other guests include Chewing Gum star and all around heroine Susan Wokoma, Doctor Who's Pearl Mackie, and other acting talent like Sam Swann, Patsy Ferran, Max Bennett and so many more. If that doesn't get you excited, I'm not sure what will.

The aim of the collective is support talent and create an encouraging collective to inspire and boost artist development. If you ask me, the reason the Mono Box is such an innovative force in the creative industry is the support they give to up-and-coming talent. The industry is notoriously difficult to break into, particularly for people of colour, and anything that helps break down the process and make it more accessible is a good thing in my book.

The Mono Box was also co-founded by former Bustle alum Joan Iyiola who, as a British-Nigerian actor, has helped drive the force of change by turning Shakespearean stereotypes on their head in her work. While playing the The Duchess of Malfi at the Royal Shakespeare Company she put a new fresh spin on a character who was written 1612. She says "I am a firm believer that the entertainment industry has an obligation to represent the same kind of diverse population that exists in our world." What a force to be reckoned with. So keep your eyes peeled for the launch date, because I don't know about you but this is one podcast I'm definitely going to be tuning into.