How This New Antibacterial Phone Case Works


Sure your phone might look clean in its case, but the truth is out there: your phone is filthy. Like, dirty enough to cause health issues and irritate or infect your skin. I mean, think about it, you take your phone everywhere with you. You touch it when you're eating, when you're on the subway, when you're in the bathroom. The reality is, the material that our phones are made of, have no antibacterial properties — essentially making them conducive to bacterial growth. This fact alone made the founders of GOO, the world's first antibacterial smart phone case manufacturers particularly curious about other options. For example... what types of bacteria-resistant materials do hospitals use for their instruments?

This curiosity sparked the manifestation a cover that's meant to protect users from unwanted germs, disease and bacteria. Scratching your head? The cases are composed of recycled copper, a material that creates an unsuitable environment for germs in addition to being wear-resistant. So not only will the case keep germs from infecting your phone, but it will ward off scratches, scuffs, and aging, too.


To test the theory that a copper coated case could protect a phone from harmful grime, a clinical study was conducted with copper hospital equipment at the Saint-Roch clinic in Montpellier, France. The copper was tested through in vitro studies performed against E. Coli and Staph Aureus. 100 percent of the cases contained fewer bacteria versus the controlled elements. While in 71 percent of the cases, the bacteria count on GOO phone case was equal to 0 — a statistic worth paying attention to. Essentially, copper lowered the daily bacteria count massively, proving that it would be a reliable material for phone covers. So reliable, the company claims it's 99.999 percent effective.


With a near-perfect germ-free record, the company feels confident that it's going to greatly help prevent health issues that would otherwise be transmitted. GOO tells Bustle: "As phones play bigger roles in our everyday lives, we have little awareness of the places we take our phones and the germs we're transmitting onto them. The phone case was a simple solution to an everyday problem that was already being used in the medical sector. With the GOO phone case technology, it sanitizes dirty phones in minutes and gives people peace of mind that they don't have active germs in their immediate surrounding."

Currently, the French and Canadian company is looking to Kickstarter to help raise money to bring their product to the mainstream.

Now that the technology has been tested and approved, they're ready to global. And at only $32 per case, it's a no brainer — your health is priceless.