Here's Why Everyone On Instagram Is Suddenly Giving Themselves Unibrows

While makeup isn't accessible to everyone, it doesn't stop beauty fans from finding unconventional ways to be more efficient with a face beat. People have blended makeup with silicone bra inserts and buffed their beat with a boiled egg. Now, drawing on a unibrow during a routine is becoming a new beauty secret for achieving full and even eyebrows.

While visiting your go-to brow person is an option, it's more money out of pocket. And try as you might to grab your pomade to shape those babies to go from fraternal sisters to identical twins, the look doesn't always pan out the way you hoped. Thanks to Instagram, though, there's a new brow hack in town.

Somehow it seems the Instagram algorithm has made it so at least one beauty vlogger on the explore page begins their time-lapsed makeup routine with drawing a unibrow. Brow-obsessed beauties can appreciate this trend because this could be the beauty hack to deliver the symmetrical eyebrows they've always dreamed about.

Throughout Instagram and YouTube, makeup lovers are giving their brows a little extra love by creating this unibrow effect to ensure full and even eyebrows every single time. Rather than applying an eyebrow product with a brow stencil, the natural shape of the brow takes priority to achieve a pair that are as slay-worthy as the rest of the face.

The only way to truly understand the magic of this unibrow hack is to consult the mega center of makeup tutorials — YouTube.

YouTuber Jasmine Regmi shared a festive New Years makeup tutorial from 2018 in which she draws on a small monobrow with a flat brush to overdraw the brow onto both sides of the face. After drawing the unibrow, she shapes and defines each one with concealer. Regmi's says in the video that her reason for making the intentional monobrow is because her natural brows are uneven.

"Drawing a line from [one side] to the other side of my eyebrow just helps me shape my eyebrows so much better," Regmi says in the video.

All techniques vary and that's why YouTuber Jacynda Macaraig is able to achieve evenly sized eyebrows in a quick five minute video.

In the video, Marcaraig calls her brow strategy the "unibrow technique", creating a thick gradient look often seen on beauty influencers like Jaclyn Hill and Chrisspy.

To achieve a gradient eyebrow, Marcraig brushes out her natural brows with a spoolie first to see the full bandwidth of her natural eyebrow shape. Next, Marcraig applies a Wet N' Wild eyebrow kit to draw around her natural brow shape.

In this technique, she applies more eyebrow product towards the ends of her brows while keeping the application lighter on the inner corners, completing a full unibrow. Using an eyebrow brush, she pushes the eyebrow product up and into the inner corners of her eyebrows for a natural-looking gradient effect. Finally, she shapes and separates her brows with a flat brush and concealer.

While some hacks in beauty seem unorthodox at first glance, they'll do wonders for saving you some money while, of course, still achieving an impeccable set of even eyebrows.