This Video Of A Model Getting Her Bangs Cut Super Short Has Instagram Divided

Another day, another Instagram beauty video polarizing the internet. This time, it comes in the form of a haircut that features what has been coined as "fetus bangs." Oh, I bet that has your attention. Let's dive in.

It all started when California–based hairstylist Philip Wolff posted a video on his Instagram that showed him cutting a client's bangs super short, both delighting and disturbing watchers. Known for playing with rainbow hair colors and creating gorgeous, blunt cuts, those who are familiar with Wolff's work might not have been too shocked at the style. But for those who were just casually scrolling through the "explore" section of Instagram, it was jarring to see Wolff happily slice bangs just a few inches shy of a models hairline. Those not familiar with chic grunge cuts had to take a moment to pick their jaws up off the floor.

"He calls the final style 'high round fringe.' To me, they could be considered fetus bangs, which are my new universal term for incredibly short baby bangs," Allure, which discovered the video, reported.

In the video, Wolff begins to cut the originally choppy mint green bangs of his client with a precise snap of his scissors. His initial snip is way higher than most are used to, starting mere inches from the hairline. He proceeds to chop all the way around to her ear, exposing undercut sideburns. Seeing the hair fall away and a perfect straight line emerge is super satisfying, if not hair-raising.

This avant garde look is similar to other cuts Wolff has posted on his Instagram, including a blunt side chop right above the ear and a colorful mullet creation, where the bang extends behind the ear.

The video has been posted a day ago and already has over 180,000 views. And it seems like just as many people have an opinion on the style. Some were full steam ahead with the cut, writing in the comments, "Please post the full cut video if possible. I think this cut is intriguing and so bold and cool. I wish more ppl would occasionally escape 'normal'..."

There were also many "you should do this" comments peppered in, tagging friends who were adventurous enough to dabble with such a creative hairstyle. But some, try as they may, could not get on board with it.

"Why do you always give your models a mullet?" one viewer questioned, unfamiliar with his punk-like aesthetic.

"A two-year-old could cut better hair," another chimed in, apparently knowing a toddler who is going to make it big in the hair world two decades from now.

Love it or hate it, it's still really fun to see all the different creative styles that people are bold enough to explore. As long it's not a terrible mistake, like the one I made two years ago trying to cut my bangs following a YouTube video.

Marlen Komar

Avant-garde? Yes. Intentional? No. But maybe I should have just ran with it, like this now-viral cut. Hindsight is 20/20.

But that's not where the "fetus bang" trouble stopped for me. See also this lovely 'do from when I decided to use the free haircut coupon on the back of my grocery store receipt. Don't ever do that. Not as grunge-chic as Wolff's take on hair.

Marlen Komar

If only I knew Wolff and his bold cuts at the time of my hair mishaps. Maybe he could've turned my bangs into a "fetus bang" style worthy of a viral Instagram video. Though many would have conflicting views of my 'do, at least I'd be in the hands of a seasoned grunge-loving professional.