Don't Worry, Lazy People, This Necklace Holds Your Wine Glass For You

by Madeleine Aggeler

Imagine for a moment you're at a party, enjoying some room-temperature Pinot Grigio and nibbling on a flakey mini-quiche, when the host introduces you to an attractive stranger. They reach out to shake your hand, and you stare back, helpless. Do you stuff the rest of the quiche in your mouth? Do you fling the glass across the room? You shrug and wave with your elbow, but by now the stranger has moved on, unimpressed at your lack of snack management. Horrifying, right? Well, fear not, friends. Thanks to this wine glass necklace, you'll never be caught off guard again!

These hands free wine glass holders allow you to enjoy your wine on the go, while keeping your hands free for snacks, handshakes, or the impromptu ping pong game. According to the product description: "The sassy neoprene sling holds your wine glass when you need both hands for other pursuits. Rubberized lining offers extra gripping power." Sassy!

The boozy sling was originally designed by the brilliant minds at WineYoke, and is available on Amazon for just under $10, including shipping. The product has 3.9 stars, and the reviews are effusive. "Bought these to attend a food and wine festival. It made it easy to hold wine and food at the same time," said Barbara. "Many of my friends have ordered this since they've seen me walking around with it at social events. Works well — a real crowd pleaser!" Dennis wrote.

Stemstrap Wine Glass Holder, $10, Amazon

To be fair, the wine necklace is not without its flaws. According to one user, "If you have boobs, it's gonna spill." But what is a spill, really, when you're living your best possible life, one full of wine and freedom? Our Savior Oprah Winfrey once said: "You can have it all — just not all at once." Clearly she didn't yet know about the wine sling.

The question now is: are you ready? Are you ready for a life of action and adventure? Are you ready to shake hands with a cute stranger, to hike Kilimanjaro, to skydive? Are you ready to grab life with both hands, wine glass in tow?

If you are, be aware, there are currently only 19 wine necklaces left in stock. And if you would like more accessories to use in your new life of wine and adventure, check out some of the best ones here.