This Woman "Ran Away" With Jewelry From High-End Stores & The Clerks' Reactions Are Too Much

Whenever you stumble upon something hilarious on the internet, the first thing you do is run and tell it to the squad. To be fair, no one should condone the five-finger discount, but watching this woman who tricked jewelry store clerks into thinking she was running away with jewels is a masterful piece of work you can’t help but chuckle at.

The woman and her friend who filmed the encounters had stopped by serval stores with a plan to scare the pants off of the clerks. And you can’t blame them for their reactions when they’re literally handling serious shmoney in the form of jewels.

In a compliation of videos of her scheming 6 clerks (yes, she was that good), she sat down with each one to try on some expensive necklaces. After each one was secured on her neck, she booked it...for a mirror in the store. Each clerk in the series of vids had about the same reaction you would if you witnessed someone tried to nab your drip.

Clerk by clerk, each one shuffled, sprinted and even pulled a parkour move over the jewelry encasing in a very James Bond attempt at catching the woman. Once they realized she was running to a mirror to peep the ice around her neck, they slowly made their walk of shame (some even covering their faces in embarrassment) back to the counter.

Although she caused sheer panic for these poor employees, she definitely made their day more exciting. After watching her play games with the clerks, you can practically feel the relief on their faces realizing the woman was heading for her reflection rather than the door. Which also lowkey begs the question as to why there wasn’t already a mirror somewhere near the jewelry counter, but that’s neither here nor there.

The video was originally posted to Facebook, but made its way to the Twitterverse to account @StillerCJ on Dec. 7. It’s already become a clear attention-grabber as the Twitter vid has gained almost 17 million views and over 280K retweets. You can’t be all that surprised. It’s the perfect remedy to send to your friend during that mid-afternoon work lull. A nice switch from all those cat videos.

Twitter users spent a good amount of time tagging their friends and leaving their two cents on the video.

“Do jewelry store workers practice jumping over the counter?” One user commented under the video. “A free, complimentary heart attack,” another wrote. Even one fan of the video noted the consistency of each clerks’ baffled reactions. The commitment is real in other countries.

You can’t say watching clerks falsely chase shoppers didn’t just make your day. It’s one minute of your life that you’ll be happy not to get back. But seriously, get some closer mirrors, fam.