Zara's 'Power Rangers' Tee Is A Throwback Dream

Courtesy Zara

It’s morphin’ time! The ‘90s have been trending for a while now, and your favorite throwback items don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Zara just dropped a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers t-shirt, and this item will have you feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

The tee is cool for a slew of reasons. The shirt is unisex, distressed, and affordable. But, the list of reasons to purchase this product doesn’t stop there. It’s also super "in" at the moment. Celebs such as Gigi Hadid and Bella Thorne have been seen sporting similar tops, and there’s also a modern Power Rangers movie playing in theaters right now. So, it’s never been more fitting to be a fan of these super heroes. And now, thanks to this retailer, you can display your love of the colorful crusaders through your fashion sensibilities, too. Really, it just doesn’t get better than that.

You can find the tee on the Zara website for just $22.90. Your love of the ‘90s animated series doesn’t have to end with this buy. There are other retailers, such as Hot Topic and Macy's, making it possible for you to add your favorite characters to your closet. So, let the transport back to the '90s begin!

Courtesy Zara

Ungendered Power Rangers T-Shirt, $22.90, Zara

Finally, you can live out your fantasy of becoming a kick butt Power Ranger in 2017.

Take a style note from Hadid and pair your tee with black pants, leggings and sunglasses for a '90s grunge kind of look.

Courtesy Macy's

Bioworld Junior's Power Rangers Cuff-Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt, $9.99, Macy's

You can rep all five of the Power Rangers at once with items like this.

Courtesy Macy's

Bioworld Juniors Pink Power Ranger Hoodie T-Shirt, $9.99, Macy's

Or you can choose to show off your favorites. Because the pink one always was the best, am I right?

Courtesy Hot Topic

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Girl Power Muscle Top, $19.92, Hot Topic

Tees like these can totally give a nod to girl power, too.

Courtesy Hot Topic

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Team Girls T-Shirt, $22.90, Hot Topic

There's no wrong way to wear items as fun and trendy as this.

If you're a fan of the new movie, this show, or this decade, in general, you need pieces like these in your closet, stat!