Torrid's Star Wars 40th Anniversary Collection Is Out Of This World

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Torrid

The 40th Anniversary of Star Wars is this year, so if you're looking for a way to celebrate in style, this is it. Torrid's Star Wars capsule collection has everything you need to make your closet complete. I'm talking five brand new styles that are out of this world, but trendy enough to fit in in this galaxy as well.

The collection includes a bomber jacket, patched jeans, cardigan, romper, and tank top that will only be available on the Torrid website. Each one looks great on its own or paired together for the ultimate Star Wars ensemble. The capsule collection takes the timeless movie characters and the most modern trends and combines them in the best way possible. The items features classic movie characters, like Darth Vader, C3PO, and Stormtroopers. There are dark, edgy options for those of you like to stay on the Dark Side of style, as well as fun floral/character prints.

Star Wars Droid Tatooine Bomber Jacket, $89, Torrid; Dark Wash Boyfriend Jeans with Star Wars Patches, $99, Torrid; Darth Vader Faux Leather Inset Cardigan, $65, Torrid; Mesh Inset Darth Vader Tank Top, $43, Torrid

“We’re so excited to be celebrating 40 years of Star Wars movie magic with this new collection,” said Kate Horton, SVP, General Merchandising Manager at Torrid in a press release. “Star Wars is so nostalgic and timeless for so many people — and we’re really proud to offer fans sizes 10 to 30 out-of-this-world styles created specifically to fit and flatter them.”

Courtesy Torrid

Dark Wash Boyfriend Jeans with Star Wars Patches, $99, Torrid

The items range from sizes 10 to 30 and are priced from $42.90 to $98.90. While all of that sounds incredible, there is one major downfall to the launch — it's only available for a limited time. As of right now, there's no exact end date for shopping this collection, but the items could sell out at any time, specially with how trendy they are.

Courtesy Torrid

While you're shopping the new looks, there are plenty other Star Wars items available from Torrid as well. Of course, the brand carries everything from socks and totes to leggings and cold-shoulder tops with the characters on them. They even have some full-on costumes on the website as well. Unlike the capsule collection, those items aren't is as limited supply.

Star Wars Sock Pack, $17, Torrid; Darth Vader Tote, $39, Torrid; BB-8 Full Length Leggings, $26, Torrid; Rogue One Cold Shoulder Sweater, $36, Torrid; Star Wars Princess Leia Dress, $85, Torrid

Courtesy Torrid

Mesh Inset Darth Vader Tank Top, $43, Torrid; Dark Wash Boyfriend Jeans with Star Wars Patches, $99, Torrid

So what are you waiting for? Go stock up on Torrid's capsule collection before it's too late!