Totino's Mac & Cheese Pizza Rolls Just Brought Your '90s Baby Dreams Full Circle

by Madeleine Aggeler

Attention children of the '90s: drop whatever you're doing right now, forget for a moment that our parents' generation has torpedoed ours financially, crank up a Backstreet Boys song (preferably something from Millennium, but Black and Blue is acceptable as well), and shower yourself in body glitter, because I have some great news. Your favorite childhood snack is coming out with a new flavor: Totino's Mac & Cheese with Bacon Pizza Rolls.

What brought on this exciting new taste? Well, like the rest of us '90s kids, pizza rolls have grown and matured into more complex, nuanced versions of themselves that are still full of processed cheese. And just like the rest of us who spent our teens and twenties experimenting with different styles and trends, this is not the pizza roll's first new look. In 2016, Totino's introduced a limited edition Cheeseburger pizza roll which, like velvet chokers and over-the-knee boots, faded away by 2017.

And look, let's be honest with each other — seeing an old friend after a long time apart can be nerve-wracking. Sure, you and pizza rolls share wonderful memories together, like the time at that sleepover where they burned the inside of your mouth, or the time in college where they burned the inside of your mouth. But you're both different people now. You're an adult, pizza rolls are full of mac and cheese in bacon. You think you'll still love them, but what if you don't?

Most of you have some time to sort out your complex emotions. According to Totino's the first shipment of Mac & Cheese with Bacon pizza rolls went out the week of July 17th, but the new flavor won't be available everywhere until October.

To prepare yourself, maybe try out some other mac and cheese-filled foods, like Pizza Hut U.K.'s new Mac & Cheese pizza, a pizza covered in melty, cheesy, pasta goodness. Or, if cooking is more your thing, try some of these unexpected mac and cheese recipes, like mac and cheese-stuffed zucchini, and mac and cheese egg rolls.

And if you're still nervous, check out some of Totino's excellent tweets. And remember, pizza rolls are a friend for life.